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Michael Fallon to replace Lord Ashcroft as Tory deputy chairman

22 September 2010

4:47 PM

22 September 2010

4:47 PM

So says Benedict Brogan, who rightly describes this as a "smart

"Mr Fallon is being brought in to CCHQ to help Lady Warsi, who has not so far succeeded in establishing herself as a media voice for the Coalition. Mr Fallon is an adept media performer
(and a regular and fluent commentator in the Telegraph – would more politicians could write like him). My sense is that this is much more about creating an unofficial minister for the Today
programme, available at all times to go into the studios and defend the Government or duff up the Opposition, or both. Those who wondered as we approached Tory conference what Dave was doing to
give the Tory side a stronger voice will be applauding him tonight."

If the idea is to deploy Fallon as a minister for the Today programme, then he could well add some necessary punch to the government’s economic message. He has been consistently
forthright, and persuasive, on the subject of cuts.

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  • Edward McLaughlin

    “…to help Lady Warsi, who has not so far succeeded…”

    At what stage does ‘not so far succeeded’ become ‘failed’? Usually before someone else is put in to ‘help’.

  • Robert Taggart

    Replace ?… do the party members not have any ‘say’ ? !

  • Tim W

    TrevorsDen – I am surprisingly aware there is a coalition. You should be aware that there were 3-4 Conservatives chosen as Treasury Ministers after the election. While I am in no way disappointed by his appointment as Deputy Chairman, I would have liked to have seen either Michael Fallon or John Redwood as one of the Treasury Ministers. Both are very able to offer good advice to the Chancellor and his Chief Secretary, both of whom have no economic background at all. In fact, whilst I fully agree with the appointments of Osborne and Alexander in their roles in the circumstances, I’m sure everyone would agree that neither would have those roles if it were based on understanding of the job alone. More to do with that both were effectively Chief of Staff to Cameron and Clegg.

  • TrevorsDen

    Tim W – there is a coalition – there are a limited number of places available.

  • Tim W

    Why not make him a Treasury Minister?

  • Chuck Unsworth

    Is Fallon bloody-minded enough?