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Lord Ashcroft’s warnings about David Rowland

19 August 2010

7:28 PM

19 August 2010

7:28 PM

Here in Westminster, the David Rowland story is the talk of the hour. It seems that Lord
Ashcroft and Michael Spencer had both warned Cameron that Rowland would come in for unfavourable coverage from the media if appointed and that they worried that other donors would not want to deal
with him. I’m informed that they feared that his appointment could undo much of the work they had done to strengthen the party’s finances.

The media’s attention tonight is turning to the question of why David Cameron ignored the warnings about the controversy that this appointment would cause. Some senior Tories are questioning
his judgement over the matter pointing out that the stories that have appeared about Rowland were entirely predictable. Cameron’s decision seems particularly odd when the strong state of the
party’s finances mean that he could have afforded a far safer choice as treasurer.

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  • Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    Tom Tom:
    Lawyers are always available for hire
    So are ladies of the night.

  • TomTom

    “we cannot find a Digby Jones character to do the job of trade Minister. “

    Rubbish. There are lots of lawyers like Digby Jones working for 20 years at firms like Edge & Ellison. So get someone from Linklaters or Freshfields.

    Lawyers are always available for hire

  • Commentator

    TrevorsDen, if you are a right wing Tory, I can’t imagine what a leftwing one looks like apart from, possibly, someone like David Skelton on Platform 10 who seems to see himself as Ken Livingstone in clogs and a cloth cap.

  • TrevorsDen

    I think in a sea of Westminster insanity Fernando is an island of sense.

    As for the LibDems and a labour coalition – well ….
    ‘Ed Milibrother I believe has not ruled this out ,,, providing the LDs change their leader! Huh? Is this the way to encourage an independent LD party?

    And IF Labour think an LD coalition is a good idea … well why is it a bad idea for the Tories?

    I suggest right wing tories should start tom think less about their prejudices and more about what the voting public might think is a good idea.

    For what its worth, this right wing tory (yours truly) thinks that the goodest idea of all is to keep labour out of power. And once again I will remind everyone who cares to listen that this coalition is no more left wing than Mrs Thatchers first government (even more so if David Laws returns).

  • Maggie

    A far worse appointment than Rowland’s is that of Stanley Fink, self-styled “godfather” of the UK Hedge Fund Industry. Has David Cameron has completely taken leave of his senses? Is he trying to become embroiled in a Lord Levy-style cash-for-peerages/cash for government office/cash for any role of your choosing?
    The government will shortly come to a standstill due to the morass of “special advisers” who are climbing on the bandwagon and clogging up the works and now every dodgy businessman in the country is demanding, and getting, a slice of the cake. Its absolutely appalling. And there was me foolishly imagining that Cameron was a man of integrity.

  • paulg

    The whole govt is turning into a circus act, no doubt conducted under a big top, come the autumn.

    Unless some one get a grip they will be laughed out come the spring.

    Phillip Green got away without paying tax on £billion earned in this country. Britten is a joke and the last guy is adverse to publicity.

    Its no good shooting the messenger(the mail) when they tell you the truth; either some one sorts it out or the government will be a laughing stock.

  • Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    Pot calling the kettle black.

  • Fernando

    Once you dig into the Mail

  • Razzysmum

    I don’t think he WANTS to win the next election outright. He has hinted that a coalition government may be the right thing in future… however, he may not be able to depend on the LibDems next time round?
    He could find himself in opposition to a Lab/Lib government? Stranger things are happening in these strange times.

  • bluebell

    Of course Lord Ashcroft’s affairs were always crystal clear and totally unembarrassing weren’t they?

  • TrevorsDen

    Brittan is a trade advisor not a minister. The problem is we cannot find a Digby Jones character to do the job of trade Minister. A sad indictment of our politics and our industry.

    I am not quite sure why Brittan is labelled a Europhile (I know he was sent as an EU Commissioner) – but in the Westland Affair he wanted an American not a European solution.

  • TrevorsDen

    Whats wrong with Green (knighted by Labour) and who is Rowland (a man who as not actually taken up his appointment which is not even a government appointment)?

    What authority has Ashcroft?

    We have a well known right winger in IDS running welfare and another supposed right winger in Fox at defence. What is Cameron doing that’s so wrong?

  • strapworld

    Whilst I have been very complimentary about Cameron’s role as PM. I have to say his recent ‘appointments’ have shown an arrogance which will come back to haunt him.

    Green. Rowland. Now Brittan. Quite unbelievable appointments. It is as if he is trying to force out the Tory right wing.The way Cameron stood aside from Lord Ashcroft was a disgrace. I wrote many times how this one man has done far more for this country than most.

    I do hope that Lord Ashcroft gathers together strong politicians and with them gives Cameron a warning. He has got to realise that the Conservative party have got to win the next general election outright. These appointments are suggesting that Cameron has forgotten that the party must come first! Not him.

    I would be looking at those who advise Cameron and give them their P45’s