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Barring Griffin was an error, Your Majesty

22 July 2010

1:49 PM

22 July 2010

1:49 PM

I sympathise with the Palace, who were put in a tight position by Nick Griffin’s
attendance at a Garden Party in his capacity as an MEP. But he should not have been
unless he had broken the law or was gratuitously offensive, which he has not been on this occasion.
Griffin’s attendance at anything always becomes a party political matter, such is the loathing felt for him and his politics, and his ability to use that loathing to his advantage. So,
the leader of the BNP appears on GMTV this morning, telling all of his pride at being an MEP and his invitation to Buckingham Palace. The Palace defines that as an attempt to ‘blatantly
politicise attendance’. Griffin is far too subtle an operator for anything so obvious. Through nauseating insouciance, he goads his opponents to politicise him. Garden Parties are a
non-event, yet the centre-left press has heralded ‘a dark day at the Palace as Griffin rides in’.
The BNP was dead and buried after a disastrous election. By excluding him from the Garden Party, the Palace has given Griffin the publicity and perverse sense of victimhood on which his brand of
politics subsists. Game, set and match Griffin, again.

UPDATE: And here he is, predictable as ever, singing
the same old tune. ‘At the end of the day, it isn’t about the Queen; it’s about the ConDem government. The corrupt British establishment, they are all against the British National Party
because our message is simple and it appeals to the British people: This country is full, it’s time to stop immigration, and their rotten dirty stinking war in Afghanistan, it’s time to
bring our boys home.’

PS: Guido sees the funny side.

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  • Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    Chuck Unsworth: Thanks!

  • Chuck Unsworth

    @ Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    I think most of the more intelligent readers here would have understood your drift. As to the others – well, tant pis.

  • Jez


    No one listens from the mainstream.

    Don’t get worked up love… if you can.

    These people have watched, turned a blind eye, swept under the carpet, made excuses for and even propped up a racist, genocidal regime that has carried out every sin / internatonal crime listed- to it’s ‘own’ that are of a different ideological, economical, ethnic or racial grouping than the ruling elite.

    That’s incidently been put there by the West…. in a ceremony hosted by the Prince of wales.

    The Machine spoke in 1980.

    Time to move on to one of their new victims now.

  • Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    Yet more apologies. I addressed a posting to the wrong person, and my message was filled with typographical errors. The second posting insulted “Percies”, and was out of order. This proves that it is wrong to write in an angry frame of mind, and cool reflection is needed. I am especially upset about what has happened to the White Rhodesians. Many are denied sanctuary in Britain, despite advancing age, frailty and homelessness. There always seems a place to be found for those who have no ties here or a drop of British blood. This present government appears to be carrying on the same rubbish as the last. Today, a judge was sent on a special training course as he told an immigrant he wasn’t appreciative of being allowed to live here. Shades of the marxist re-education programmes.

  • Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    macumazan: My posting should not have been addressed to you. It is rather for the Percys of this world. Apologies.

  • Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    macumazan: I must respond to yourr posting, without reference to the BNP. My remarks concern Zimbabwe. Ian Smith was not a nazi nor a fascist, he was a proud patriot and loved the land he and so many other white settlers devoted their lives, health and lives to. They received just mockery from the Mother Country, whereas if they had been black, they would have been called freedom fighters and ass-licked as only the British establishment knows how. Today, the bread basket of Africa is the basket-case of that continent, ruled by a maniac who received aid from Britain. South Africa too, is in a sorry state. Immorality, abuse of women and laziness by many of the men is the majority case. Not the ‘sweet’ image of a noble aged leader, Mandela, but rather gangsters, vice, and the highest rates of murder and AIDS imaginable. These are subjects which mustn’t be mentioned lest we be called rascists. I am afraid Cameron’s milksop government will follow the NuLabour lead and crawl to these veil men.

  • macumazan

    One reads the wise words of Percy, that “Griffin should be given as much exposure as possible as he really isn’t capable of disguising the fact that he a total loon and the leader of an utter bunch of morons. So Queen Liz has done as a favour if the wannabe Fuhrer get a bit more exposure and it means a few more people can see what an imbicile this man really is.”

    Were Percy intelligent enough to know how to spell “imbecile” his words might carry a little more weight than Mr Griffin need give them. BNP critics, sadly, are frequently themselves loons and imbeciles, curiously unaware of their own mental failings. One must simply sigh and reflect that their political attitudes destroyed Rhodesia and gave us Zimbabwe, which fact is all by itself proof enough of the nature of their political insight.

  • Jez

    David Lindsay,

    I’ve stayed out of the self righteous drivel pouring out of the mouths of Davey-B and DJ ‘Fraze’ on this one but the utter sh*te you put together on that last post was enough to pull anyone out of their slumber.

    What a total idiot.

    The Facsist’s worked with the f*ckin Monarchy in Italy!

    Moseley call to arms all the legions of the BUF on the eve of the War with ; “For King and Country right or wrong”…… and they were (in 1939 certainly) almost bankrolled by Germany’s NSDAP if not idealogically very similar, at that point in history.

    My question is this; how can such a high concentration of clueless Jerks be in such positions of influence in the country’s of Europe right now. From the media to the government’s.

    They f*ck up anything they touch…. and try to ruin / lock up anyone that can see what they’re up to.

    Lindsay- you’re on about 60 years. I tell you what pal- this place will have ‘gone’ well before that mate.


  • Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    Chuck Unsworth: Agree with you about Prince Philip, and long may he be with us.
    I will accept that you were not being nasty about those wonderful “Nippies” who graced the Tea Houses with their elegance.
    Changing the subject: A lot of naivity here. Does anybody truly believe Her Royal Majesty has any involvement in whom does or does not attend Buckingham Palace? If she did, I think it would be a question of “Off with his (her) head!”

  • Chuck Unsworth

    @ Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    A figure of speech, of course, recognised only by the cognoscenti. You have now revealed so much of yourself….

    But fairly close to the Palace there used to be a very fine branch. It was in Horseferry Road – just around the corner from Millbank and MI5. Convenient for Westminster activities, of all sorts. The spooks with their LVs are all long gone.

    Prince Philip has made a lengthy study of eccentricity. It’s sometimes known as the “self-confidence to the point of not giving a stuff about anything” syndrome. I think he does it remarkably well.

  • Verity

    TGF UKIP – agreed.

  • Tarka the Rotter

    @David Lindsay

    Mussolini was invited by King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy to form a government after the March on Rome in 1922. Thereafter, the monarchy and fascism co-existed for the next twenty years or so. The King was instrumental in dismissing Musso in 1943 and soon after Italy officially changed sides. Musso was restored as Dictator of the Italian Social Republic based in Salo on Lake Garda… so I can’t see how the fascists got rid of the monarchy as soon as possible.

  • AndyLeeds

    The problem of the BNP is our problem: nearly a million of our people voted for these fascist. Nick Griffin should have behaved more decently and not sought to cause Her Majesty embarrassment. She is not only our Sovereign but a lady and should be shown far more respect.


    “Such is the loathing felt for him and his politics” – nowhere near the loathing that is felt for the London Lot and their imposition on the rest of us of their values and their mores.

  • Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    CHUCK UNSWORTH. Tea and sandwiches are no better than one would obtain from Lyons Corner House – and the waiting staff are usually considerably worse.

    And you say HM Prince Philip is away with the fairies? Alas. I haven’t seen a lovely Lyons Corner House for decades. Have you? If anybody has, please let me know. Thanks.

  • Rebel Saint

    I hope that her Majesty also bans Spellbound from appearing at this years Royal Variety Show. I much preferred Twist & Pulse and don’t think Spellbound deserved to win as many votes. I reckon Spellbound will use their appearance at the Royal Variety Show for shameless self publicity.

  • Percy


    So not liking Nazis makes one a leftie? A bit like that soppy left winger Churchill.

  • ray-pc

    Mr. Griffin is legally elected and represents the views of some of the electorate. He can only advance if the public continue to vote for him in increasing numbers. the disgrace lies with the palace officials for using a specious reason to stop him attending a garden party to which he had already been invited. ray-pc

  • Sir Compton Valence

    I’m very happy that this vile man has had his invitation withdrawn. The sadness is that he was invited at all. He may be able to turn it into a headline, but sensible people – and there are a few of them here – know he is a nothing headed for oblivion. So does he.

  • David Lindsay

    Nick Griffin could have explained to the Queen that Fascist parties have never come to power in countries with monarchies except in one (admittedly significant) case where they abolished that institution as quickly as possible, and that it is his own party’s policy to depose her as apartheid South Africa did and as Ian Smith’s Rhodesia purported to do.

    When not discussing Her Majesty’s own descent, both from the “negroid” Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, and, via Elizabeth of York with her Moorish antecedents, from Muhammad. Queen Charlotte, after whom the city in North Carolina is named, is shown clearly with light skin but African facial features in contemporaneous portraiture, and was spoken of as “negroid” without any self-consciousness during her lifetime.

    She was descended from the part-black Royal House of Portugal, a member of which, Catherine of Braganza who was the consort of Charles II but from whom no one is descended (unlike her husband…), is shown looking just like a mixed-raced Briton of today in a portrait displayed in one of the private areas of Durham Castle. I sat under it only on Monday, waiting for the champagne to flow and the Vice-Chancellor to speak at the launch of a friend’s festschrift. It did, and he did.

    This really would have been the last opportunity for Griffin and Her Majesty to have had that conversation. The BNP took barely half as many votes this year as last year, fought 38 council seats and lost 36 of them, and lost every seat on Barking & Dagenham Council, of which it had thought that it might take control. Like the NF before it and the BUF before that, the BNP was always talked up by its sectarian Left opponents, in order to make themselves appear more important than they really were. This remains very much the case with the teaching of the 1930s. Mosley was never really terribly important. Nor was Griffin.

    Every 30 or 40 years, this tendency reappears to make a lot of noise before going away again. Thankfully, I will be in my sixties or older before it happens again. And thankfully, it would, once more, only last for a few years. That is how these things work.

  • Chuck Unsworth

    A number of commenters here seem to believe that there’s time for idle chat with the Monarch and Her Consort at these jamborees. Actually it doesn’t work that way at all. The whole thing is enormously organised and regimented – although carefully constructed not to appear so. HM comes out, down the back steps into the garden, walks around beaming, barely saying two words to anyone but a select few, and Prince Philip is usually completely away with the fairies, anyway. In Griffin’s case HM’s two words would be obvious enough, with ‘orff’ being the second.

    Still, it’s an opportunity for all those nice frocks to be worn – mostly by women. The camomile lawns scent the air as the stilettos sink in – thereby saving the gardeners the job of having to aerate. Tea and sandwiches are no better than one would obtain from Lyons Corner House – and the waiting staff are usually considerably worse.

    Still it’s an occasion, isn’t it?

  • Private Schultz

    I agree that banning Griffin is an over-reaction, but according to the BBC, at least, there was rather more to his ‘politicising’ of the invitation than just a GMTV appearance. Seems he is also making a big thing of it on BNP website and emailing his ‘supporters’ asking for questions for Her Maj.

  • TrevorsDen

    Once again a load of ignorant and obnoxious posts – even one equating the Duke of Edinburgh with the racist views of Griffin.

    Griffin should not have been invited in the first place and his known racist opinions are in no way compatible with the likes of anyone else likely to be there.

    I fail to see how anyone can complain about him being excluded (any protests/propaganda are nothing new), and Mr Blackburn had better read Mr Dales reasoning on this.

  • Will J

    The BNP gained 1.2% in vote share at the last election, shooting up from 0.7% to 1.9% of the popular vote. To put this in perspective, the Lib Dems only gained 1%. It was not a disastrous election for them, unfortunately.

  • Verity

    Stephen Canning, Percy et al, strangers in these parts, is there a kind of Central Casting for lefties to appear on blogs?

    I mean, when a legitimate party leader is grossly maltreated by the lefty establishment, do you people get a call?

    I would assume instant availability is key for this type of work, so would that mean that you’re unemployed – in other words, living as a guest of the British taxpayer?

  • Verity

    This, of course, is done at the behest of the viciou, toxic left. The same people who caved to the orders of the toxic, unelected “Lord” Ahmad who threatened the joke Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, domiciled in her sister’s box room unless she banned the legitimately elected Geert Wilders from landing in Britain.

    I suggest HM should make a thorough job of this and have some of those louche courtiers who surround her obtain a list of BNP members and ban them from ever enterting the Palace grounds. Or even shaking hands with HM on a walkabout.

    I think royalty has run its course and this monarch should be the last. Prince Charles is probably more in tune with “Lord” Ahmad than with anyone on the Conservatives benches.

  • Percy

    Griffin should be given as much exposure as possible as he really isn’t capable of disguising the fact that he a total loon and the leader of an utter bunch of morons. So Queen Liz has done as a favour if the wannabe Fuhrer get a bit more exposure and it means a few more people can see what an imbicile this man really is.

  • Stephen Canning

    Was it the best move or does it give him the perverse publicity his brand thrives on?

  • Nationalist

    ‘What I object to is the hypocrisy in refusing this democratically elected man entry to Buckingham Palace. Marxists and the offspring of alien communists, such as the Millibands are not banned.’

    That’s because they’re all in the same boat!!

  • BigMoose

    Ok, so will the Duke of Edinbugh be barred, i’m pretty sure he sympathises with the views of Mr Griffin…

  • Noa

    I’m sure the future Sir Nicholas, thereafter Lord Griffin, will take this splendid opportunity to express his sympathy and understanding of the pressures and influences exerted upon the Queen by an inherantly left wing political system and media, in forcing the cancellation of this invitation.

  • Dave N

    So, should we take it that the other elected BNP Euro MP (Andrew Brons)is still attending the bash?

  • TomTom

    Of 8000 invited guests they could only find one to exclude ? Hardly worth the effort really.

  • lescam

    Glad he was banned, it’s a pity he was ever invited in the first place.

  • Snowman

    you, too, Her Majesty?

  • Augustus

    It’s a question of headlines. ‘Hatemonger Griffin attends Palace party’, is far more damaging than ‘BNP leader barred by The Queen’. Griffin won’t blame The Queen for not being able to represent the ‘long- suffering silent majority’.

  • Anne Wotana Kaye 1

    I am not a supporter of the BNP, in fact I think Nick Griffin is rather stupid, although no less so than David Cameron. What I object to is the hypocrisy in refusing this democratically elected man entry to Buckingham Palace. Marxists and the offspring of alien communists, such as the Millibands are not banned, neither are other left wingers, who are not supporters of the Crown. I think it a disgrace that whereas once, a divorcee could not attend Ascot in the Royal Enclosure, yet today the heir to the Throne, is married to a woman of “well-used” appearance (Queen’s own words), who committed adultery regularly with her husband at the time’s best friend (Charles). Perfidious Albion is all one can say. I would love to have been invited, just for the pleasure of declining.

  • charles hercock

    Not sure I would have enjoyed the honour of a garden party if I discovered Griffin was also invited

  • Chuck Unsworth

    Hold on. Who issues the invitation? Is the Queen obliged under some arcane statute not to withdraw invitations? It’s her party, she can invite or univite anyone she wishes.

    And let’s face it, it’s just another piss-up at the Palace. What’s the big deal?

  • Robert Taggart

    Spiffing ?… Poh !