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Worrying developments

17 June 2010

5:30 PM

17 June 2010

5:30 PM

Paul Waugh has news that the Treasury asked a broadcaster to sign a written legal agreement that they would not ask any
questions about the OBR’s announcement. Well, some of the figures embarrassed Osborne but surely it wasn’t that bad?

As Paul notes, this may be a case of the Civil Service taking advantage of ministers’ inexperience but even so. Equally, the government has adopted the practice of its predecessor and issued
statements to the press before stating them to the House.


Carry on like this and we’ll join the axis of evil. New politics please.

UPDATE: Turns out not to have been so worrying.

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  • 2trueblue

    Agree with all above so far. 13yrs of sloppy journalism, so rather hard for them to kick the habit. We need new guys on the block, hungry, credible and not politically poisoned or blinkered.

  • Catesby

    Paul Waugh has serially corrected and updated his story.

    Turns out to have been a confusion arising out of the use of the slangy phrase “sign up to” (= agree). No-one was actually required to sign anything.

  • Paul Hawkins

    Did you actually read the piece in your link? The article contradicts your take on it substantially. It seems to be opinion dressed up as news. Time to get away from 13 years of bad habits.

    New journalism please.

    I do have to laugh at the comment in the standard’s piece about the media not being ‘passive’ What else have they been for the last 13 years?

  • Kennybhoy

    Are you absolutely sure about this…?