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David Cameron meets the Queen

11 May 2010

8:40 PM

11 May 2010

8:40 PM

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  • djw2009

    Victor, parties exist for reasons. Why does the Green Party exist? To promote environmentalism. So, can you imagine if they dropped environmentalism in order to get elected – that would be naked opportunism, and a failure of what that party stood for. Cameron, true, has got in government – as an opportunist, he has achieved his career goal of becoming PM, just like a Green Party PM who promised to massively increase sulphur dioxide emissions. Cameron has done it by dropping almost the whole of conservatism – while the electoral machine has “won”, the party and its philosophy have been negated.

    If Victor you are right, that a party that supported withdrawal from the EU, an end to immigration, an end to multiculturalism, traditional moral values and minimal government spending would not get elected – that means that conservatism is of no interest to people in this country. Actually, I don’t believe that is correct. But for the sake of argument, if you are right, then Cameron’s appointment is a huge defeat for conservatism. What is he doing in the Conservative Party? Answer that!

  • ThankGhodItsAllOver

    Bye Holly! What a nice post!

    We’ll miss you – really! xxx

  • Victor Southern

    djw2009 – may I suggest that you go and form your own political party. It would be small one since you will not find many who will agree with you.

    You can judge that from the great electoral success of Nigel Farage and of Nick Griffin – lots of hot air, no seats.

  • djw2009

    >>>>Cameron has balls and courage in spades and he is going to need it.

    2trueblue, if this were true, Cameron wouldn’t be in a coalition govt now. Where was his courage re: the Lisbon Treaty. Don’t forget, Cameron ratified Brown’s spending plans and so is just as culpable for the recent recession as GB.

  • Efnisien

    djw2009>>>Maybe you should wait to see first before issuing ill-informed comment!
    You might like to take note of this comment, he’s only just walked in through the door, give him a chance.
    Well done Dave, very happy to see a conservative in No10 again.

  • Nicholas

    djw2009 (probably ought to be djw1909), give it a rest. We’ve got the message OK?

  • Ben G

    “Any chance of a job for Philip?”

  • 2trueblue

    djw2009, what he is doing is getting the country prepared for what we are about to endure. We should thank him for taking the risk of taking us through it. Would you rather we were still enduring Liebore? Cameron has balls and courage in spades and he is going to need it. Liebore have not left the country in a great state. One positive aspect of the coalition is that no one can say when the books are opened that he put the spin on it. That may prove to be a real ace. We may be very grateful for the other party looking over his shoulder.

  • Commentator

    I am sure the Queen is thinking, as well she should, that this is a man who would sell his granny into slavery if it brought him an inch closer to those red boxes.

  • Marcher Baron

    Yes, I thought HM looked happy, chris as usual. I hope she (and the rest of us) aren’t going to be sadly disappointed and disillusioned.

  • Michael St George

    “Oh, and no weekly statistics about tractor production in the Ukraine, please, Mr Cameron”

  • AndyinBrum

    “Hello commoner” says Dave

  • djw2009

    >>>Oh, shut up, djw. It’s called being gracious.

    Actually, no. Cameron is letting us know his far-left politics. Was he being gracious when he made clear that faith schools have to drill the children in political propaganda re: “gay” sexuality? We have quite a journey ahead of us – we have a left-wing prime minister who heads a supposedly right-wing party, but he is insulated from backbench rebellions by his alliance with the Lib Dems. Clever in its own way, clever how he shorted the conservative movement.

  • Holly ……

    Thank god for that…I thought Bozo would never bug off.
    I am extremely happy…My job here is done.
    I am a very happy,proud Conservative voter.
    I have defended David Cameron & George Osborne the best I could against all the nasty little trolls encountered on the way.
    The first Conservative Prime Minister in 13 years…..AND we have a baby to drool over in a matter of months….Happy,happy days indeedy.
    Richard of York,you did your best,but typical of Labour bods,you failed….see you during the next election campaign.
    How will Verity cope now her nemesis is in the post he was always going to get?
    Been fun and frustrating…se you all again.

  • chris as usual

    Doesn’t her Majesty look pleased.

  • GDT

    Great news – magnaminous in victory. Best of luck Dave…..

  • General Zod

    Oh, shut up, djw. It’s called being gracious.

  • THX1138

    Best wishes to David Cameron, I hope it goes well.

  • djw2009

    >>>djw — what bollocks. I heard his speech and it was pure mainstream conservative. An end to top down direction as per labour.

    Trevor’s Den, Cameron particularly praised Labour for creating a “more open” Britain. You may get a shock about top down direction under the Tories – their idea to create a Department of Public Health shows they are focusing on health preaching to the public more than Labour in fact, when the Department of Health shoudl just focus on treating sick people. Maybe you should wait to see first before issuing ill-informed comment!

  • An Interested Observer

    St. David has descended to save us all!

  • TrevorsDen

    djw — what bollocks. I heard his speech and it was pure mainstream conservative. An end to top down direction as per labour.

  • djw2009

    So Britain under Labour was not a “broken Britain”, but actually a better open society? What a mendacious line he took in the campaign then on “broken Britain”! I will never vote Conservative until this left-wing creep is out of office.

  • djw2009

    Cameron praises the Brown government for creating an open society (code for cultural change). He is clearly not intending to run a conservative administration. It seems he is our first Lib Dem prime minister.