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The strange case of Charlie Whelan’s Commons pass

8 April 2010

11:37 AM

8 April 2010

11:37 AM

Well, now we know. Charlie Whelan enjoys the liberty of Westminster at the invitation of the parliamentary Labour party. Guido points out that it’s highly unlikely Whelan isn’t officially connected to Labour’s campaign. Labour tried to keep all this quiet, attempting to avert an ‘affluence for influence’ story that might undermine Brown’s attempt to turn the election into a referendum on Lord Ashcroft. However, though this should prove bad news for Labour, these stories have little impact outside Westminster. Neither the Ashcroft scandal nor previous Whelan sagas moved the polls.      

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  • logdon

    William Blakes Ghost
    April 8th, 2010 12:01pm

    Even the quite apolitical Mrs Logdon hates Whelan, hates Brown, hates Mandelson. They must be doing something very wrong to get that so right.


    She also dismisses the polls out of hand. Maybe she’s on to something.

  • Naomi Muse

    Along with Balls Broon cannot survive without his friend Charlie.

  • Roger Daley

    A reporter brought this up at the Labour media propaganda fest this morning.

    It was not answered.

  • William Blakes Ghost

    How the hell would we know whats moved the polls? Yougov in particular keep screwing around with their methods. Basically the polls are about as trustworthy as a Labour press release…..!

  • Verityred

    Whelan, the Mirrors MuckGuire, Balls, Mandleson etc etc. What nasty and sinister people ‘Moral Compass’ Gordon chooses to surround himself with as his regime dies. Still, Goebbels stuck by his boss I suppose.

  • Silent Hunter

    It just adds another Sleaze Straw to Labours back.

    It may not be much in itself (& that’s an arguable point) but the cumulative effect is not to be dismissed so easily.

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