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The Lib Dems attack Labservatism

30 March 2010

2:04 PM

30 March 2010

2:04 PM

In this post-expenses election, there is going to be a considerable vote going for the none of the above party. The Lib Dems are clearly determined to try and tap into this vote. At PMQs in recent weeks, Nick Clegg has constantly sought to attack Labour and the Tories as different sides of the same coin. Last night in his closing statement, Vince Cable accused Labour of being ‘in hock’ to militant unions and the Tories to millionaires with their snouts in the trough. The message their trying to get across is clear: they’re both as bad as each other. Now, the Lib Dems have launched quite an effective site attacking the Labour Tory duopoly on power in Britain since the war.

The challenge with this kind of campaigning for the Lib Dems is to translate people’s irritation with the two main parties into actual support for them. I expect many people will nod along with the Lib Dem’s negative attacks on the two main parties, but still no go out and vote Lib Dem.

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  • Can’t decide

    *Lib Dem….whooops!

  • Can’t decide

    Jock “The Liberals have no record to defend and no prospect of government, so no reason to be feared.” Last time I checked the Conservatives also had no record to defend. The ‘good record’ the conservatives may have achieved in the past, can not be justifiably claimed by a new generation of inexperienced Conservative MPs that were possibly high on pot at the time. Cameron and Osbourne are no more experienced than Nick Clegg and Vince Cable, both are in opposition. Both have the luxury to scream populist policies every couple of weeks. At this moment the Lid Dems are winning my vote.

  • Andy B

    We are beyond politics now. Once we reach a +100%
    debt to GDP ratio it will be almost impossible to reverse a spiral to a default either through currency depreciation/destruction or some kind of restructuring of our national debt (done before e.g. the War Loan). The only people who can prevent this cataclysm are the British people by demanding that their political class of whatever shade act now. We need a consensus on these major issues and we need to tell the politicians what they need to focus on. My real concern about last nights debate was that the audience clapped about attacks on “millionaires” but they showed no reactions between Cable saying he couldn’t protect the NHS and Osbourne insisting he could. It tells me that the media have shaped the debate in a very worrying way. Time for real people of whatever shade to face up to the REAL challenges this country faces in dealing with the fiscal and debt crisis. Let’s face it, private debt is above +200% GDP. We are in a major hole. Time to stop digging.

  • abraham

    If only they weren’t so obtuse in refusing to recognise the waste of money that is Europe, they’d have my vote. Are you listening Lib Dems? YOu don’t need a bloated beurocracy in order to trade! Look at China and Australia!!! Look at all of Asia!!!! Why aren’t they creating “One Asia”??? Because it would be STUPID! Yet they trade more than Europe does!!!!

  • Diane C – London

    They’re just not credible … they won’t form any part at all of any new Government. As much as Vince Cable thought he might by talking up his (own) invitation to the Treasury! For which he had to apologise. He played to the audience last night, was able to sneer at both Labour and the Tories (while no one sneered at him) and is now too puffed up with his own importance.

  • Hysteria

    what Moraymint said….

    I really thought we had got beyond this outdated class warfare.

    We should be celebrating and encouraging our elites (think sports…….)

    Are we now looking at our society through the prism of envy and lowest common denominator? Is there no politician able to articulate a positive message that people can rally around?

    truly depressing……

  • Fergus Pickering

    raffles, moraymint, you know what, I think millionaires will manage to rub along just fine.

  • Marcher Baron

    After 13 years of the politics of envy under Labour we have got to the stage of being tough on aspiration, tough on the causes of aspiration. Time to reclaim initiative.

  • Moraymint

    March 30th, 2010 3:10pm

    “The word millionaire, rather like the word elitist is now viewed with contempt … who exactly is going to pay for [the Labour Party’s] beloved public sector?”

    Spot on raffles.

    I also find it terribly sad that we’ve got to the point where “elite” is used as a pejorative term. What a dreadful indictment of our society.

    Without recognition of the need for an elite, we would not, for example, have the Special Air Service; nor the Russell Group of universities; nor private schools educating one third of our 2012 Olympic athletes; nor a British Formula One motor racing champion etc etc. Of course, these elites are all despised by the Labour Party and deemed to be evidence of life being “unfair”.

    Only the relentless application of oppressive, Orwellian, Marxist claptrap could have brought us to the stage where (what should, in fact, be) our political elite has become our society’s dregs.

    You’re right though. Without generating the incentives for individuals to create and earn wealth, no government can survive for long. The Marxists have never quite figured out that you can’t tax a loss.

  • General Zod

    Too subtle for most of the public. Some woll actually think there is a Labservative Party and get confused when they see the ballot paper.

  • Blofeld’s Cat

    their = they’re

  • bobby

    From the Daily Mash:

    ‘Labservatism’ attack by Liberarse Demoholes

  • Justicia

    Irrespective of your politics, you have to admit this is quite a funny and effective campaign. Have they actually put those posters up or are they photoshopped? Either way, I think they look quite smart, better than the regular libdem material at any rate!

  • Jock

    The Liberals have no record to defend and no prospect of government, so no reason to be feared. Hence the ease with which Vince Cable’s threw darts and scorn at the others last night and his popular response from the audience.

    Ideal party for the “A pox on both your houses” inclined. Or one could just spoil one’s paper.

  • Kirsty Richards

    When are the two main parties, especially the Tories, going to attack and take the fight to the Lib Dems? The media and the other parties never apply any real scrutiny to them or their policies. This lets them get away with things the other parties would be hounded for. It also lets the Lib Dems act like they are impartial and gives the impression people can trust them. The Tories really need to start going after them because most Lib Dem seats are in areas the Tories should be winning.

  • raffles

    Why does nobody ever stand up for millionaires among tory politicians? The word millionaire, rather like the word elitist is now viewed with contempt. Its the mark of a very sad nation if thats where we are at. My god, even Peter Mandelson has expressed a comfort with millionaires in the past. Any amateur economist will tell you how much of the tax take is from the top earners so the defence of wealth is easy from a practical as well as libertarian approach. All these pathetic ostriches calling for the “rich” to be hammered must be asked who exactly is going to pay for their beloved public sector?

  • Tim Carpenter LPUK

    Dems who win, Libs we lose.

  • toco

    Attack dogs invariably have to be destroyed to protect the public.Cable’s performance yesterday evening was wicked,unhelpful and crude.At least it showed us why he was a fully paid up member of the Labour Party.They and the LibDems are welcome to the inconsequential and deluded Cable.

  • David Phipps

    As Rhoda says when all three main parties are arguing over how to reach the same end, where are the differences?

    There are no differences as whichever one of the three ‘get in’, they will be serving the same master – Brussels.

  • rule britannia

    Vince Cable makes me laugh snouts in trough millionaires what about his millionaire Michael Brown who is in prison for fraud. Lord Ashcroft whether you like it or not has done good in the community such as crimestoppers and donates to colleges such as angela ruskin and has built scholl and donates to the NSPCC and Help the Heroes no one ask him then if he had paid tax on money earned they just took the money. Vince Cable is useless he is just stating whateveryone else states even his economic views are taken from some one else. If he was serious he would have attended House of Commons economic meetings but he did not. he is 69 and he sees this as a last stand

  • Rhoda Klapp

    And their distinguishing policies are…?