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12 February 2010

11:35 PM

12 February 2010

11:35 PM

I am the last person to speak ill of the New Statesman. But even during those golden years when I worked at the magazine, I have to admit we struggled with a tendency towards earnestness. During the Kampfner era, the senior editorial team tried time and again to introduce a little levity among the wonkiness and hand-wringing. I am now prepared to admit we didn’t often pull it off.
But our successors have finally pulled it off — by creating a spoof online business section.
At first sight it looks like a crude aggregator of corporate press releases. But look a little closer and I defy you to find anything funnier on the web today. It is quite brilliant.
Unfortunately, the NS has seen fit to pull down the piece "Cold Stone Creamery unveils chocolate-dipped strawberry ice-cream". Perhaps they were worried that too many people would die laughing.
But luckily we get still get the previous installment in the magazine’s coverage of the ice-cream wars with this deathless prose:
"MaggieMoo’s Ice Cream has expanded its line of ice cream products to include a new Pink Champagne sorbet and Dream Cakes for Two. The Dream cake features strawberry ice cream, drizzled with chocolate ganache, and topped with a chocolate covered strawberry."
There is endless fun to be had here with other sections on the automotive industry, banking and pharmaceuticals, those well-known socialist causes.

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  • rndtechnologies786

    Good view.

  • Jon

    Barclays brothers money would cheer anyone up – every man has is price, and guess Bright’s is pretty high.


    It’s just amazing how you people stay continent having that to amuse you all day long; whilst those winter nights chortling away to yourselves must just flyby.
    Do you think your next blog could incorporate your shoe size and, style of hush puppy that you favour, to pad out an ever increasing narrative that all about you!

  • denverthen

    “I have to admit we struggled with a tendency towards earnestness.”

    I’ll try to remember that one. It’s brilliant.

    Btw, have you read the latest instalment of the Pilger-NS contretemps in Private Eye this week? You are mentioned.

    If true, (and instinct tells me it probably is), then you have my sympathy – and (for what it’s worth) my admiration.