Geoffrey Robinson in The Times

22 April 2009

11:20 AM

22 April 2009

11:20 AM

I was delighted to see Geoffrey Robinson’s letter in The Times today where he clarifies that my departure from the New Statesman had nothing to do with my sometimes critical attitude towards the Prime Minister and his government. 

Here is the letter in full in case anyone is interested:

Sir, Paul Staines (“Guido Fawkes”, Opinion, April 17) is off the mark in his account of Martin Bright’s departure from the New Statesman. Before some mythology develops about Martin being a victim of his courageous writing critical of Gordon Brown and his Government, we wish to set the record straight.


The views expressed by our former political editor about the Prime Minister and the Government had nothing whatsoever to do with his departure, the reasons for which were non-editorial and the terms of which remain confidential between us.

Geoffrey Robinson, MP

House of Commons, London SW1

I am very glad that any mythology about my courageous writing has been so definitively nipped in the bud. 




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  • JohnJ

    Someone should perhaps ask Robinson a pertinent question or two, in particular about what he and a certain Keith Bailey were doing sniffing around the corpse of Matrix Churchill. Oh, and what, if any, were the end results.

  • pregethwr

    Who are the we in this letter?

  • seb

    Given what I’ve read about Geoff, I’m inclined to believe the opposite of whatever he says. Sorry, Geoff.

  • The Bellman

    If Robinson is writing is his capacity as the owner of the NS, and to discuss ‘our’ ‘editorial’ policy, why is he using the House of Commons as his address?

    The pompous buffoon.

  • Prodicus

    Thanks for, um, clearing that up.

  • Dog Snob

    Were I a political writer, I would bathe proudly in any myth that I was critical of Browndom. Would that I could revel in any such luxuriant glow. (Please excuse. I’m off work just now with a dreadful case of subjunctivitis)

    What is bothersome is the way that the political writing community busies itself with such tattle, when there is so much of real importance going begging.