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12 January 2009

12:19 PM

12 January 2009

12:19 PM

A bit like Andrew Sullivan’s blog in the last Gulf war, Melanie Phillips’s magnificent blog has become THE place to go for everyone who wants to know what’s REALLY happening in Gaza. Mel, we salute you!

But here’s the annoying thing. Until very recently, Mel was looking to be the runaway winner in the Best British Blog category of the 2008weblog awards, which she thoroughly deserves. Thanks, though, to a spot of smearing from a dreary, leftie website, Mel’s blog has now been overtaken by an even more dreary site called Created In Birmingham.


Look, I’m a Brummie myself. I love the accent, I love the people, I love the sense of humour (which urinates on that of your average Liverpudlian from several miles high), I love a good Balti and many more Midlands things. But all Created In Birmingham is is a community blog for arts events in Birmingham. There’s nothing special about it at all. You can’t ever imagine anyone ever going: "Wow! I really must log on this very instant to Created In Birmingham to find what abstract artists are up to in the Aston area."

Mel’s blog on the other hand, is the dog’s cojones. And I’m not saying this because I’m a Spectator writer or because I know Mel (I’ve bumped into her, what, twice maybe?). I just think it’s really annoying that a blog so courageous and frankly indispensible is in danger of being pipped to the post by a website that isn’t in the running on merit, but purely because of some heavy campaigning by a few technoliterate Brummies.

So please fellow Mel fans, get off your arses and vote for her here. Otherwise, there’ll be no justice.

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  • Irena

    Bah, too late. I can’t believe the technoliterate Brummies won (I lived in Brum for almost a decade and love it as much as the next Brummie, but, seriously? Ceated in Birmingham?!)

  • Scouse Proud

    Tory:”If you care about the city as much as I do I suggest you look at ways to loosen Labour’s grip “

    Are you sure you are from Liverpool?Liverpool Council is Liberal Democrat.

    James:No worries, I am used to certain aspects of the press taking the piss out of my city to get a point across, even as I say, it is rock all to do with the subject they are talking about.

  • Susan Hill

    sorry but I can`t make the link work.. heeeelp

  • John Hall

    She is wrong on Gaza. She is wrong about a lot of things. It is not this that I hold against her. It is her utter contempt for any other view rather than her own. Toleration was one of the virtues upon which this country was founded. Her column regularly reveals her to be sadly lacking in this cardinal quality.

  • Sunny

    Mind telling us which nasty leftie blog was ‘smearing’ our poor Mel, who has said nothing nasty in her life and loves nothing more than post up pics of fluffy bunnies and cute cats?

    And isn’t it a bit of a kick in the face if a little left-wing blog can easily overtake the likes of the mighty Spectator?

  • James

    Sorry to have upset you, ScouseProud. I should have expressed myself better. I wasn’t trying to have a dig at Scousers per se – I actually like Liverpool, and the people I’ve met there and have always had a fun time there – but rather at the notion that they are the salt-of-the-earth repository of all that is great about English humour. Which they ain’t. Brummies (by which I include also people from the Black Country) are much funnier. That’s all I meant.
    Oh and as for Mel, I agree she’s not right about everything. She was totally wrong on that euthanasia business, for example. But there are some issues that suit her attack dog tenacity and I think Gaza happens to be one of them. Cometh the hour cometh the woman. Something similar happened with Andrew Sullivan’s blog in the run-up to second Gulf War. He is BEYOND BORING when he blogs about stuff like gay issues. But for that period he was unmissable.

  • Nicholas

    “One sort of people is exemplary and can do no wrong. Everyone else is despicable and can do no right.”

    I thought that was pretty much the Labour/Left creed?

  • cuffleyburgers

    Agree with Despairing.

    Ms Phillips is a highly annoying read on ME issues since you tend to sympathise with the broad thrust of what she is saying but shrill and hysterical propagandising like that is a huge turnoff.

  • LiverpoolTory

    Scouse Proud

    You’re missing the point. I was defending Liverpool, a place I’m happy to call my home in spite of everything, but for the sake of balance pointing out some of Liverpool’s genuine problems. Hatred of millionaires and people from souhtern England is one of them. Labour have created limitless welfare dependency and a low paid economy in Liverpool, retail and tourism etc, which stifles aspiration in so many of the residents. If you care about the city as much as I do I suggest you look at ways to loosen Labour’s grip on its Mersey rotten boroughs so some positive change might finally happen in the area.

  • Scouse Proud

    “Yes, its not a coincidence that only Scousers find the humour to be the wrok of genius. The place is drearily self-absorbed and desperate to be regarded as a great world city when it painfully is not”….Now I wonder why there are no Tories in Liverpool,LiverpoolTory. In fact wasn’t one beaten by a dead dog a few electios ago.

    With regards Cameron….oh yes, his popularity is surging amongst Liverpudlians, we have so much in common with him.In fact we are having a rally for him at the Pier Head…Millionaire Scousers for the Multi-Millionaire.It should be packed out.

  • Howard

    Oh give it a rest with all this self promotion. The poll is a fiddle whatever happens.

    And Hannah Blofeld is right above.

  • David Lindsay

    Most of her support seems to be overnight from America.

    In the words of Stuart Reid (no less), in this week’s Catholic Herald:

    “It is unlikely that the Daily Mail journalist and international commentator Melanie Phillips is going to be persuaded by the Holy Father. Ms Phillips, whom I know slightly, is a good and honest woman, and awesomely clever. She is a social conservative and a force for good. When it comes to the Middle East, however, she is a no-holds-barred wackado, an absolutist who regards much of the western media as ignorant and/or malicious in its coverage of Israel. Like many other extremist defenders of Israel, she throws around the charge of anti-Semitism. On the day after Israeli ground troops went into Gaza she declared:

    “The moral dividing line in this battle is very clear. Those who stand with Israel are on the side of morality, justice and civilisation. Those in the media and public life who denounce Israel for having the temerity to defend its people are the fellow-travellers of barbarism. Having done so much to embolden and strengthen Hamas and Iran, who are playing them for suckers, they are continuing to stoke the fires of irrational hatred and genocidal hysteria.”

    There is no middle way here, no room for nuance or ambiguity: you are either with Israel or you are against her. Even those who, like the Pope, are neutral, and have called on both sides to lay down their arms, can be seen on this reading to be enemies of civilisation and promoters of genocidal hysteria.

    Ms Phillips is guilty of disproportionate rhetoric.”

    She should stick to things like drugs, education, and how the Tories eviscerated civic society. She is good on them.

  • Despairing

    Was this post tongue in cheek? The Spectator hosts Melanie’s blog, but her posts don’t hold a candle to Pete’s or James’s.

    If I ever saw Melanie even hint at criticising Israel (and not for being too soft on the Palestinians…) I might think she had a modicum of journalistic integrity. As it is she’s a virtual propagandist.

    And btw I’m as disgusted by the anti-Israel sentiment whipped up at the moment as anyone – I just won’t let it push me anywhere near approving of Ms Phillips.

  • Tiberius

    But there is no justice, James, as I’m sure you and Mel know.

  • LiverpoolTory

    I feel duty bound to defend Liverpool a little. Yes, its not a coincidence that only Scousers find the humour to be the wrok of genius. The place is drearily self-absorbed and desperate to be regarded as a great world city when it painfully is not. However, the constant sniping Liverpool gets from the right-wing press has made it a no-go city for Tories. This is a disaster considering the electoral mountain the Tories will have to climb to win an overall majority and the same is true for many other northern cities, Scotland and Wales. CCHQ is probably hoping no one still reads The Spectator on Merseyside and Cameron’s popularity might just push the Tories up from third place in a number of seats!

  • mckenzie

    Just voted for you Mel, even though we have our differences, your blog is of a high and superior nature.

    Created in Birmingham, yeah right, what is happening here is what happens at the polls, you know what I mean?


    Vote for Melanie?
    Seriously I can’think of any one person I’d be less likely to.

  • Hannah Blofeld

    Melanie Phillips is a bit of a one trick pony. One sort of people is exemplary and can do no wrong. Everyone else is despicable and can do no right. Over and over and over again.
    The people on whom she heaps praise no doubt read her blog with enthusiasm and approval.

  • Scouse Proud

    Nice to see a right winger having a pop at Liverpool, when it has rock all to do with the article.

    Is it in all right wingers to have a pop at Liverpool or are you all just nobheads???

  • Paul B

    I have been voting, but will vote again.I implore everyone who enjoys frank & truthful writing, that is independent, fearless and free and resonates with with more power than a Titan nuke, to do likewise. Mel IS the top blogger by a distance. You don`t even have to agree with her opinions to realise than she is a unique talent.