Night of the long claymores: the SNP are poised for a historic, momentous, victory.

4 March 2015 19:16
Glasgow Prepares For The Independence Vote

The latest Scottish polling conducted by Lord Ashcroft is another reminder, should you still need it, that this year’s election looks like being an unmitigated disaster for Unionism. The noble,… Continue reading


Jeffrey Archer: Bollywood plagiarised my books

4 March 2015 15:56
Image: Getty

Jeffrey Archer is none too impressed with the Bollywood film industry. In an interview with India’s DNA Newspaper, he said that several Bollywood films have ripped off his books without his permission.… Continue reading


Tories detect Alastair Campbell’s hand in latest education attacks on PM

4 March 2015 12:37
Fiona Millar with her partner Alastair Campbell (Photo: Getty)

Angry Conservative Party officials have hit back at attacks from the left on the education of the Prime Minister’s children. On Monday the PM’s spokesman claimed: ‘Like tens of thousands of… Continue reading


Rufus Sewell’s performance in Closer embarrasses audience members

4 March 2015 12:02

Rufus Sewell’s turn in Josie Rourke’s production of Patrick Marber’s Closer at the Donmar Warehouse has won rave reviews. Still, the A Knight’s Tale actor confides to Mr S that not… Continue reading


Express redundancies: Richard Desmond’s nemesis is called in to rally the troops

4 March 2015 9:30
Richard Desmond of the Northern & Shell company at the headquarters of Express Newspapers in central London

With Richard Desmond’s Express Newspapers currently considering another round of redundancies in order to hit a £14m cost savings target, his remaining staff are making sure they are prepared for the worst. Mr S… Continue reading


Norman Baker’s special interest in endangered species

3 March 2015 18:43

Tonight Norman Baker leads the Commons adjournment debate on international endangered species. Speaking ahead of the event, the Liberal Democrat MP explained to Politics Home why the subject is so close to his… Continue reading


Francis backs Pell’s reforms: centuries of expense-fiddling at the Vatican are brought to an end

3 March 2015 14:06
Illustration by Christian Adams, courtesy of The Catholic Herald

Phew! I was worried that the smear campaign against Cardinal George Pell mounted by the pigs at the Vatican trough would persuade Pope Francis to water down Pell’s plan to… Continue reading


Argentina’s ambassador to the UK trolls the Tory backbenchers

3 March 2015 12:36
Alicia Castro, Argentine ambassador to the UK (Photo: Juan Mabromata/Getty)

Nothing like a bit of Argie-bargie to get the Tory backbenchers going. Mr S has been passed a letter and booklet sent by the Argentine Embassy in London to all… Continue reading


Vladimir Putin’s Russia is no longer just an authoritarian state; it is a dictatorship

2 March 2015 17:26
(Photo: Getty)

The murder of Boris Nemtsov, even more than previous assassinations of journalists and other figures deemed unhelpful to Vladimir Putin’s regime, feels like a moment of grim significance. It represents… Continue reading


If Isis doesn’t like Twitter, it should invest in its own tech companies

2 March 2015 17:17

Isis has a new bête noir: Twitter. Employees at the social media company have received death threats, as has Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter. Why? Because the site has been blocking accounts… Continue reading


Ukip MEP in Nazi Twitter spat over Joseph Goebbels

2 March 2015 14:59
Voters Go To Polls In Newark By-Election

The Ukip spring conference was somewhat overshadowed by a publicity stunt from a local theatre group in Margate, which saw dancers dressed as Nazis high-kick their way through Springtime for… Continue reading


What are we meant to say about grooming rings?

2 March 2015 13:13
A new report has identified 300 victims groomed and assaulted by Oxfordshire gangs

It is a tragedy that some of us are born in the wrong times. According to that increasingly gobby conduit of right-on morality, the NSPCC, girls these days feel compelled… Continue reading


Is a married clergy on Pope Francis’ agenda? I hope not

1 March 2015 16:30
Pope Francis waves to faithful and pilgrims as he arrives in St. Peter's Square for his weekly audience on February 18, 2015 in Vatican City, Vatican.

Pope Francis, is, according to Cardinal Walter Kasper – a Swabian formerly responsible for ecumenism – neither a traditionalist nor a liberal – “both of which categories have become rather… Continue reading


Melody Festival’s ‘Heroes’ shows why Sweden rules the pop world

1 March 2015 15:12
Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 14.53.46

The world’s most-watched cultural event is still two months away, but for Eurovision affectionados the entertainment has started already. Britain and Sweden are the continent’s two greatest exporters of pop music, but… Continue reading


How do you tell a sturdy vagabond from a submissive pauper?

1 March 2015 15:00
A homeless woman, with her belongings in a shopping trolley, sitting on steps on Remembrance Day, central London, 11th November 1995.

The number of people sleeping on the streets has risen by 55 per cent in the last five years. New statistics show that London had 742 rough sleepers on the… Continue reading


The hit job on Cardinal Pell was inevitable: he’s cleaning out the Vatican stables

28 February 2015 13:14

Ever since Cardinal George Pell was appointed by Pope Francis to clean up the Vatican’s finances, I knew a hit job was coming; and I was doubly certain when he… Continue reading


Spectator competition: a Pepys’-eye view of the 21st century (plus: female chauvinist authors)

28 February 2015 12:19
Circa 1670, English diarist and reformer of the navy, Samuel Pepys (1633 - 1703). (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

It was Samuel Pepys’s birthday this week and for the latest competition you were invited to imagine him let loose on the streets of 21st-century London and to provide a… Continue reading


Two parties, two failures of logic

28 February 2015 10:24
David Cameron and Ed Miliband.

Two party election policies, two failures to think things through. Or, at least, to engage with realities. First, Labour announces a cut in university tuition fees to a maximum of… Continue reading


Sol Campbell: It’s time to increase MPs’ salaries

28 February 2015 8:30
Arsenal's English defender Sol Campbell

This week Sol Campbell was named as a bookies’ favourite to be the next Tory candidate for Kensington after Sir Malcolm Rifkind stepped down following a cash for access scandal. While Rifkind’s resignation… Continue reading


Most doctors seem to time-travel to the 1800s when it comes to nutrition

27 February 2015 18:02

For over 30 years, dietary fat has been seen as a major cause of heart attacks, strokes and cancer. This has been a health catastrophe. Ancel Keys’s ‘Seven Countries’ study,… Continue reading


Does Evgeny Lebedev fancy being Mayor of London?

27 February 2015 17:11
Prince Charles meets Evgeny Lebedev during a visit to the Standard and Independent offices earlier this week (Photo: Jeremy Selwyn/Getty)

While the Tories scrabble around for a candidate for the 2016 London Mayoral election, Mr S hears one millionaire is already eyeballing the 2020 race. Barely an edition of the Evening Standard… Continue reading


Why has TfL vandalised the Eduardo Paolozzi murals at Tottenham Court Road?

27 February 2015 17:03
A glimpse at the new murals at Tottenham Court Road tube station

Last weekend I used the Northern Line at Tottenham Court Road station for the first time since it reopened. Oxford Street is not my favourite place in London but perversely for… Continue reading


For modern-day Assyrians their present is under attack from Isis, as is their past

27 February 2015 14:40
Isis fighters destroy ancient artefacts at Mosul museum

The historian Tom Holland tweeted this morning: ‘What ‪#ISIS are doing to the people & culture of ‪#Assyria is worthy of the Nazis. None of us can say we didn’t… Continue reading


MI5 didn’t make Jihadi John; he made himself

27 February 2015 13:45

Poor Mohammed Emwazi. One day he’s your average ‘beautiful’ young man, nose buried in his computer studies books, looking for a job and looking for love. The next he’s being… Continue reading


Why the apologists for the Islamist far right must make Jihadi John a victim

27 February 2015 13:07

Islamic State allows its adherents to be both cultists and psychopaths: an L. Ron Hubbard and a Fred West rolled into one. The reasons why young men want to travel… Continue reading