Whatever happened to Larry the Downing Street cat’s increased security?

30 March 2015 18:46
Larry takes on Bailey the sniffer dog. Image: PA

When reports emerged that a dog had allegedly been poisoned at Crufts, David Cameron appeared to be extremely worried that a similar fate might befall the Downing Street cat, Larry.… Continue reading


Revealed: The mastermind behind Ukip’s foxy election merchandise

30 March 2015 18:40
The Ukip fox is here to stay

You might have thought Ukip bosses would want to distance themselves from their outspoken and eccentric candidate Winston McKenzie after he organised the disastrous ‘Carnival of Colour’ in Croydon last year before… Continue reading

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Were the Tories’ dodgy figures designed to provoke Labour into making a statement?

30 March 2015 18:28
tory poster tax

Why are the Tories peddling what the independent Institute for Fiscal Studies has described as ‘at best unhelpful’, which is the claim that households would be hit with a £3,000… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Nick Clegg’s animal magic

30 March 2015 16:41

Where did Nick Clegg go on the first stop of his General Election campaign tour? To visit a creature under threat. Not a Lib Dem MP struggling to hold on… Continue reading


Labour’s most shameful mug? It has to be Diane Abbott

30 March 2015 16:30
Labour's 'Pledge 4 Mug', available now on their online shop.

This is an extract from Hugo Rifkind’s column in the next issue of The Spectator, out on Thursday: The Labour party has put its five core election pledges on mugs.… Continue reading


War of words: Karen Danczuk in Twitter spat with Sunday Times columnist

30 March 2015 15:23

During her time as a Labour councillor, Karen Danczuk has managed to have bust-ups with women in both the Conservative party and her own. As well as Danczuk’s ongoing spat with Louise Mensch over her revealing… Continue reading


Is Britain losing the war against radical Islam?

30 March 2015 13:36
Abase Hussen. Photo: PA.

Some stories are almost too predictable. Take this one. Three schoolgirls from Britain disappear to Syria, apparently in order to join Islamic State and become ‘jihad brides’, or more precisely… Continue reading


Why is Labour making merit out of not backing an EU referendum?

30 March 2015 12:48
Leader of the Labour party Ed Miliband leaves his home on March 30, 2015 in London, England.

Fair play to Ed Miliband for launching Labour’s business manifesto today in Bloomberg, not perhaps the party’s natural stamping ground, at least not since the prawn cocktail initiative in 1997.… Continue reading


Look at this cheap trick the Tories tried to play on me

30 March 2015 11:24
damian image

‘Mansion Tax Revaluation Information’, said the letter that came through my letterbox, in an envelope that screamed ‘council’ or ‘taxman’ or something alarming. The letter inside was carefully formatted to… Continue reading


How a tetanus shot could help treat a deadly brain cancer

30 March 2015 10:00
Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 00.44.47

The history of cancer research is one of inevitable hype and dashed hope. Though most people have been primed to believe in elusive ‘cures’, the most important news is usually… Continue reading


Jim Murphy fails to mention Labour on his campaign leaflets

30 March 2015 8:05
The Labour Party Conference Continues

Earlier this month the Labour party were accused of not including pictures of Ed Miliband on campaign literature out of fear that the mere image of their party leader could… Continue reading


Muslims, Jews and Christians use identical twins to ‘prove’ homosexuality isn’t genetic

28 March 2015 14:28

The subject of identical twins has been on my mind ever since I read a magnificently creepy thriller called Ice Twins by SK Treymayne – a pseudonym meant to sound… Continue reading


Spectator competition: laments for lost newspapers (plus: historical characters’ desert island discs)

28 March 2015 9:30
Richard Desmond of the Northern & Shell company at the headquarters of Express Newspapers in central London

In his 2004 book The Vanishing Newspaper Philip Meyer predicted that the final hard-copy newspaper will plop through someone’s letterbox in 2043. So who’ll be the first to go? In… Continue reading


Jeremy Clarkson and the Political Correctness of the Right

27 March 2015 14:11
British television BBC presenter of moto

One of the many delusions of the Right is the myth of conservative robustness. Conservatives don’t play the victim card, they say. They tell it like it is, and don’t… Continue reading


Rupert Murdoch calls Ed Miliband out on his debate boast

27 March 2015 14:04
Ed Miliband stands up to Rupert Murdoch

Ed Miliband used last night’s election interview with Jeremy Paxman as an opportunity to blast the Murdoch press. The Labour leader told viewers that he had stood up to Rupert Murdoch, and would… Continue reading


Everything Yes voters believe about the Scottish independence referendum is wrong (but that doesn’t matter)

27 March 2015 10:46
Image: Getty

Say this for Alex Salmond: he is entirely typical of the movement he once led. The former First Minister’s new book makes much of what you might deem the referendum’s dirk-in-the-back theory.… Continue reading


America declares war on e-cigarettes. But it’s an ideological battle, not a medical one

27 March 2015 8:37

The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention have launched a wildly expensive campaign against e-cigarettes because… well, I can’t really work out their logic, but the sickly aroma of liberal… Continue reading


Voters want visions, and powerful posters deliver them – not Twitter

26 March 2015 18:07
A poster can make of break an election. Image: PA

If no-one was very excited about the launch of the Lib Dem’s election poster this morning, it wasn’t just because of the rain. According to The Times, political posters are… Continue reading


Adam Boulton: David Dimbleby is a backwards step for BBC’s election coverage

26 March 2015 17:52
(Photo by Bruno Vincent/Getty Images)

Tonight Kay Burley will moderate a ‘town hall’ style Q&A with David Cameron and Ed Miliband as part of the election debate package. When Mr S bumped into Burley’s Sky colleague Adam Boulton… Continue reading


Benedict Cumberbatch reads at his distant relation Richard III’s burial (despite saying he’s not ‘part of the landed gentry’)

26 March 2015 15:43
The Remains Of King Richard III Are Finally Laid To Rest

Benedict Cumberbatch once complained that ‘posh-bashing’ had got so bad in Britain that he was contemplating a move to America. Cumberbatch, who attended Harrow, moaned that people showed prejudice towards his background despite the fact… Continue reading


Today’s reburial wasn’t about Richard III. It was about Benedict Cumberbatch

26 March 2015 15:07

We should have known it. Today’s reburial isn’t about Richard III. It’s about Benedict Cumberbatch. Isn’t everything these days, somehow about Benedict Cumberbatch? I have a theory that he’s the… Continue reading


How did the Liberal Democrat cross the road?

26 March 2015 12:37

The Liberal Democrats have unveiled their funky new campaign poster this morning, only to unceremoniously dump it on a yellow line on an empty street in Westminster: Mr S is… Continue reading


Convince a generation that Ukip resemble the Nazis and you can make them do anything

26 March 2015 11:22
Ukip Leader Nigel Farage Fails To Turn Up At Rally

There was something genuinely frightening about the disturbance aimed at Nigel Farage and his family this weekend; what’s scary is that there seem to be so many people in our… Continue reading


How Ukip became the incredible disappearing party

26 March 2015 10:31

The establishment drive to marginalise Ukip has been under way for three months now, and it has having its effect. You will not read anything about Ukip in your newspapers… Continue reading


Has Ed Miliband been spending £10,000 a day on Obama debate coach?

26 March 2015 10:29
(Photo: Getty)

Tonight Ed Miliband and David Cameron will be interviewed by Jeremy Paxman in two separate interviews, after Cameron declined to do a head-to-head interview with the Labour leader. Now, Mr S hears… Continue reading