Tory faithful send the PM a clear message on Gove

1 October 2014 17:01
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Many Tories had begun to wonder where Michael Gove had got to. The Chief Whip’s move from the Department for Education was heralded with a briefing that he would be… Continue reading


David Cronenberg’s Map to the Stars: threesomes, incest, a dead dog and whiny farts

1 October 2014 16:41

In a scene that sticks from Map to the Stars, David Cronenberg’s Grand Guignol of a Hollywood satire, Julianne Moore, playing an ageing Hollywood never-has-been, sits on the loo in… Continue reading


David Cameron’s message to Britain: winter is here but spring is coming

1 October 2014 14:28
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Better than Miliband is as fine a demonstration of the soft bigotry of low expectations as you possibly hope to find. Nevertheless, David Cameron’s speech to the Tory conference today… Continue reading


Once upon a time David Cameron had a story to tell; he needs to remember it and tell it again

30 September 2014 20:11
Prime Minister David Cameron Reacts To The Scottish Referendum Decision

It is easy to inflate the importance of speeches made at party conferences. Particularly when those speeches are the last such set piece events before a general election. But they… Continue reading


TM4PM: It’s on

30 September 2014 18:40
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Most Secretaries of State tend to lay low the night before their big conference speech, redrafting and practising. Not so Theresa May. The glammed-up Home Secretary was working the party… Continue reading


Has Cameron actually considered the realities of his seven-day GP access scheme?

30 September 2014 17:37

David Cameron’s seven-day opening scheme for GPs sounds like an excellent idea for patients, but I’m not convinced it is. I’d be lying if I said that I wanted to… Continue reading


If David Cameron wants seven-day GP clinics, he’ll need market reform

30 September 2014 0:49
Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 00.59.27

Today, David Cameron will pledge that if he’s re-elected he’ll give everyone access to a family doctor seven days a week. He will say:- “People need to be able to… Continue reading


Dan Hannan boycotts Tory conference (but promises he won’t defect to Ukip)

29 September 2014 15:49

No Mark Reckless, no Brooks Newmark and now no Bow Group.  The oldest conservative think-thank has announced that they are boycotting this year’s Tory conference. It seems, for Dave at least,… Continue reading


Why I love this feminist who hit nuns and shot Andy Warhol

29 September 2014 15:44

Just as I was feeling frustrated about the lack of robust books on feminism I spot a real corker: Valerie Solanas: The Defiant Life of the Woman Who Wrote SCUM… Continue reading


The Tory MP who thinks Vince Cable is ‘obsolete’

29 September 2014 13:58
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Out on the party scene, Mr S enjoyed BIS minister Matt Hancock’s description of his job to the Institute of Directors bash: ‘Working at BIS is a lot a like sending… Continue reading


Angry Dave’s jibe at ‘fat arse’ Reckless

29 September 2014 13:42
Mr Angry (Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty)

While last week’s Labour conference felt like a wake, the mood is a little better here in Birmingham for Tory party conference. There is a certain amount of gallows humour in the… Continue reading


Did Osborne’s speech just finish with an ode to Trainspotting?

29 September 2014 13:20
(Picture: Carla Millar)

George Osborne has just finished delivering his speech at the Tory party conference. More analysis to come, but Mr Steerpike couldn’t help noticing a distinct flavour to it. Edinburgh. Drugs. Irvine… Continue reading


How to sleep better: 5 tips for getting a good night’s sleep

29 September 2014 12:43

Most people have trouble sleeping at one time or another; for some it’s a chronic problem. But making sure the conditions are right for a good night’s sleep can really… Continue reading


Kieran Conry scandal: Cardinal Nichols faces questions about a cover-up

29 September 2014 2:14
Cardinal Vincent Nichols. Image: Getty

Cardinal Nichols this morning faces his biggest crisis since he became Archbishop of Westminster in 2009. On Saturday Bishop Kieran Conry – head of evangelisation for England and Wales – resigned… Continue reading


Tory conference: Bitter jokes at the Tax & Spend Inn

28 September 2014 13:51

The Conservative conference pub is back again this year, with its usual bitter jokes about Labour. Mr Steerpike had an exclusive peek at the posters they’re using to poke fun… Continue reading


Bishop Kieran Conry had affairs with two women, one of them married

27 September 2014 18:25

Update: The Mail has now published its allegations against Bishop Conry. They’re much more serious than I imagined. He appears to have behaved disgracefully; by his own admission there is more… Continue reading


Spectator competition: when prose and poetry meet (plus: verse in the manner of Revd W.A. Spooner)

27 September 2014 9:30
"William Archibald Spooner Vanity Fair 1898-04-21" by Leslie Ward - Published in Vanity Fair, 21 April 1898, as "Men of the Day" Number 711.Downloaded from http://www.antiquemapsandprints.com/scansj/j-20476.jpg. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

The challenge to pick a well-known poem and write a short story with the same title using the poem’s opening and closing lines to begin and end the piece drew… Continue reading


Mumsnet risk wrath of ‘Mrs Clegg’

26 September 2014 19:03
(Photo: Getty)

First we had Mrs Miliband redefining her role from elusive lawyer to political campaigning wife; now we have another once shy ‘leader’s wife’ tweaking their public profile. The Liberal Democrats… Continue reading


Multiculturalism makes Isis a threat to Britain

26 September 2014 18:00
Lt. General William Mayville Jr. Briefs The Media At Pentagon On Recent Strikes Against Isis In Syria. Image: Getty

So we’re back to bombing Iraq again, by the looks of things, for the third successive decade – this time to destroy the Islamic State, or Isis or whatever they’re… Continue reading


Islamic State militants are being bombed by an Arab woman. That must sting

26 September 2014 16:37
Major Mariam al-Mansouri

Bombs are now dropping on Islamic State targets, and not a day too soon. But to add to the salty sting of missiles landing in jihadi strongholds, the United Arab… Continue reading


‘Jews Got Money’ – challenging anti-Semitism and a Jewish taboo

26 September 2014 15:55
Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 01.36.42

The other day someone tweeted at me the words ‘J£w$ Got Mon€¥’. And I was just about to tweet back: ‘Get stuffed, you anti-Semitic scum’. But I clicked on the… Continue reading


We have a new dance critic – and she’s not happy with The Arts Council

26 September 2014 14:51
Akram Khan and Sylvie Guillem in 'Sacred Monsters'. Photo:  Sadler's Wells

Hello. I recognize some of you. We’ve bumped against each other in Sadler’s Wells or Covent Garden or the Birmingham Hippodrome. I look forward to meeting you below the line… Continue reading


ISIS are a scourge on humanity; the UK must play its part in confronting this horror

26 September 2014 12:01

Doing nothing is always an option. Sometimes it can even be a sensible policy. There is much to be said for modesty and restraint and an awareness that unforeseen consequences lurk… Continue reading


Deborah Devonshire: JFK’s friend, Hitler’s antagonist, The Spectator’s columnist

25 September 2014 18:34
Deborah Devonshire (Picture: National Portrait Gallery)

The lives of the Mitford Sisters have riveted, and repelled, anglophiles since the thirties. Diana Mitford once wrote, ‘I must admit “the Mitfords” would madden ME if I didn’t chance… Continue reading


Good riddance to rhetoric

25 September 2014 16:32
Photo: BBC

Autumn is here, and so the political classes celebrate the return of Any Questions and Question Time. (The Dimbleby is the only species that hibernates during the summer.) This year,… Continue reading