Stop blaming doctors for antibiotic abuse

22 September 2014 16:01
Image: Getty

According to the World Health Organisation’s latest report into antibiotic resistance we are facing a ‘problem so serious that it threatens the achievements of modern medicine… A post-antibiotic era, in… Continue reading


Esther McVey dodges White Dee debate

22 September 2014 15:00

Upon leaving the Celebrity Big Brother house, Benefits Street star and Spectator contributor White Dee – also known as Deirdre Kelly – threatened to give ‘David Cameron a run for… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Ed Balls wounds journalist at bloody football match

21 September 2014 17:46
Day One - The Labour Party Holds Its Annual Party Conference

Ed Balls playing football each year at Labour conference is almost as big as Ed Balls Day. The Shadow Chancellor always participates enthusiastically in the annual hacks vs MPs match.… Continue reading


Nine natural ways to keep your teeth white

21 September 2014 15:43

Smile! There are ways you can help your teeth to remain dazzling and healthy without paying to have them whitened: Cut down on dark drinks. Avoid too much red wine,… Continue reading


Spectator competition: poets’ selfies (plus: liven up something mundane with a dose of magic realism)

21 September 2014 15:09

The latest challenge, to compose a poet’s elegy for him or herself, took you down a path trod by poor Chidiock Tichborne. He wrote his own elegy, the poignant ‘Tichborne’s… Continue reading


Does Pope Francis believe in the Rapture?

20 September 2014 22:31

Yesterday Pope Francis preached one of the most extraordinary sermons ever delivered by a pope, one that demonstrates the laziness of those commentators who think he is a typical Latin American… Continue reading


Anna Nicole is a masterpiece

20 September 2014 19:18

It isn’t often that you can say you’ve seen an opera not only of but about our times. But Anna Nicole – which I saw Thursday night at the Royal Opera… Continue reading


The left cannot be an anti-English movement.

19 September 2014 16:48

  During the referendum campaign nothing astonished me and Labour campaigners more than left wing English intellectuals embracing Scottish nationalism. It was not that they did not have the right… Continue reading


Who can explain the dead rabbits I keep seeing everywhere?

19 September 2014 14:48

Can anyone explain why there are so many dead rabbits lying around at the moment? I’ve found three in my garden, untouched by predators, and the lanes nearby are festooned… Continue reading


Celebrities react badly to the referendum result

19 September 2014 14:27
Image: Getty

As the Saltires are put away and the fireworks dismantled, some celebrities waking up to the Scottish referendum result took it rather badly, the poor lambs. Russell Brand was in his… Continue reading


With malice toward none and with charity towards all, now the real work begins

19 September 2014 12:07
Scotland Decides - The Result Of the Scottish Referendum On Independence Is Announced

Relief, actually. Not joy. A battle won is better than a battle lost but still an exhausting, bloody, business. There is no need to bayonet the wounded. It would, in… Continue reading


Fear and loathing in the Vatican

18 September 2014 23:03

Here is a picture of Cardinal Raymond Burke, whose grand title of Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura is matched only by the magnificence of his ecclesiastical dress. He is famous… Continue reading

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The John Cantlie video shows Islamic State have taken a leaf out of Vice’s book

18 September 2014 16:58

Islamic State (IS) have just released a new video that features the journalist John Cantlie. Until now, his whereabouts in Syria were unknown, but it now looks as if he has… Continue reading


In praise of Den-zel

18 September 2014 13:21
Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

His Christian name is only two syllables, with the stress (following the African-American pronunciation) on the second. Two syllables that are a byword for urbane cool. A mellifluous shibboleth – the… Continue reading


A No vote will create a schism between the voters of Scotland and its artists and writers

18 September 2014 10:37
Alasdair Gray: 'You can only learn to govern yourself by doing it'

With the Scottish independence referendum drawing closer, two Newsweek Europe magazine correspondents and friends – Finlay Young (Scotsman), and Simon Akam (Englishman) – travelled the length of the United Kingdom… Continue reading


Vote for Britain to be a force for good in the world. Vote to keep the Union

17 September 2014 20:36
Scottish Referendum 'Better Together' Campaigners On The Streets Of Glasgow

I have been almost silent about the Scottish independence campaign. Not just because, like a lot of British people, I had assumed that this terrible matter would never have been opened… Continue reading


Let me introduce you to ‘sick chick lit’

17 September 2014 18:27

Chick lit has its place. On long-haul flights, for example, when you’re a bit pissed and bored with the films on offer, and all you wanted is some literary fast food.… Continue reading


Muphry’s Law in action

17 September 2014 15:47
Photo: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

‘Ineptocracy: Noun – A government characterised by incompetent leaders.’ A gloriously incompetent attack on incompetence, and the greatest example of Muphry’s Law that Mr S has seen in a long… Continue reading


Yes or No, the little white rose of Scotland will bloom again

17 September 2014 13:28

And so our watch is all but over. Who knows what comes tomorrow but at least and at last the final reckoning is upon us. It is choosing time and… Continue reading


‘Unhealthy’ foods that are surprisingly healthy

17 September 2014 10:00
Image: Getty

Thank you, oh thank you, dear scientists, for rehabilitating these dietary dangers: Chocolate Previously dismissed as full of sugar and fat, chocolate is now claimed to have all sorts of… Continue reading


Tom Cruise deserves our support and pity

16 September 2014 18:26
Photo: Clementine Keith-Roach

These are your lives. Yard Theatre, until 4 October Tom Cruise. That’s the big offer from a newish venue, the Yard Theatre, lurking on the fringes of Hackney Wick. The… Continue reading


Cycling, HIV, domestic abuse. You can find discrimination everywhere, if you try

16 September 2014 18:13
Ironman Wales

You have to wonder about the future of the Conservative party when you hear stories like this, from the Birmingham Post: ‘Councillor Deirdre Alden (Con, Edgbaston) said she was concerned… Continue reading


Ever wondered what goes on in those green sheds you see around London?

16 September 2014 18:10

You know, those mysterious huts that allow entry only to cab drivers? I used to fancy they were cover for a network of underground bunkers where cackling taxi drivers plotted… Continue reading


A 90-day patriot

16 September 2014 17:33
Sean Connery in Washington DC before receiving the Wallace Award from the American Scottish Foundation. Image: TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images

One question before the independence vote on Thursday is where is the SNP’s most famous celebrity supporter? You might expect Sean Connery to be out rousing the faithful but so… Continue reading


Is Scotland confident enough to vote No?

16 September 2014 15:07
Glasgow Prepares For The Independence Vote

We hold this truth to be self-evident: we are not an oppressed people. We have some liberty to chart our own course. We are, after all, choosing our path this… Continue reading