Children shouldn’t be expected to receive sponsorship for child’s play

24 April 2015 16:38

Can there be anyone curmudgeonly enough to take against Save the Children’s Den Day, a heartwarming event? – actually, make that an entire week, 29 May to 6th June –… Continue reading


Has the BBC painted its website red?

24 April 2015 15:26

Dare Mr S suggest the BBC election website is a little skewed towards the red corner? Miliband’s foreign policy foray leads the hub, yet fails to give much coverage of the… Continue reading


Paul Dacre: The free press is the last genuinely free aspect of modern Britain

24 April 2015 13:15
Paul Dacre at the bash

Northcliffe House was host to a Fleet Street reunion last night, for the launch of Mail executive Robin Esser’s memoir ‘Crusaders in Chains’. After sixty years a newspaper man, Esser’s… Continue reading


Force Majeure reviewed: meaty and hilarious – but it may wreck your relationship

24 April 2015 13:13

If you’re unsure about the man (or woman) you’re dating, go and see this film. It’ll cause rifts in a weak relationship, and yield powerful debate – or perhaps agreement… Continue reading


The Falling reviewed: a film of beauty and magic

24 April 2015 12:37

Long live the glockenspiel, that typically dull percussion stalwart usually relegated to primary school memories, along with humdrum gym classes and endless repetitions of Kumbaya. Here the glock is like… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Liberal Democrats struggle with the small print

24 April 2015 11:00
Nick Clegg at the Lib Dem manifesto launch.

As the Liberal Democrats fight for survival in the general election, word reaches Mr S that things in the yellow camp may be even more dire than first thought. Mr… Continue reading


Joan Collins celebrates her damehood with an old frenemy

24 April 2015 9:00

With the Queen’s birthday honours fast approaching, future awardees can take inspiration from Joan Collins on the suitable number of events required to celebrate one’s damehood. Writing in this week’s… Continue reading


The fall of Lutfur Rahman shows the power of brave campaigning journalism

23 April 2015 22:20
Tower Hamlets Mayor Lutfur Rahman tells the demonstrators they have won and should go home. 3rd September 2011.

So farewell then Lutfur Rahman. On Thursday the Islamist-aligned Mayor of Tower Hamlets was found guilty of electoral fraud. The poll in which he was ‘elected’ has been declared void… Continue reading


Does Jamelia not know the first rule of Fat Club?

23 April 2015 18:09
Jamelia (Photo: Getty)

The first rule of Fat Club is: don’t talk about Fat Club unless you are yourself ‘big and beautiful’, or what most of us would call ‘grossly overweight’. Or just… Continue reading


Want to avoid a parking ticket? Then play the parking cowboys at their own game

23 April 2015 17:30
(Photo: Getty)

No speech that Ed Miliband has made over the past five years has generated so much derision on the right as when he divided capitalists into ‘predators and producers’. That… Continue reading


Russell Brand’s The Emperor’s New Clothes reviewed: ‘uncomfortable viewing’

23 April 2015 13:45

For the past year Russell Brand – who is worth an estimated £10 million – has been making a film about inequality. You may already know this. The comedian’s antics… Continue reading


Confirmed: Ukip would let St George into the country

23 April 2015 13:01

It’s St George’s Day so to celebrate Ukip held a press conference where they gifted red and white jester hats adorned with St George’s flags to journalists. Talk soon turned… Continue reading


David Cameron: ‘The selfie will come, the selfie will go’

23 April 2015 12:48
David Cameron poses for a selfie with Helle Thorning Schmidt and Barack Obama during the memorial service for Nelson Mandela

Given that David Cameron posed for a selfie alongside Barack Obama at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service, Mr S was surprised to hear that the PM has now tired of the trend. Speaking to… Continue reading


Patriotism isn’t uncivilised – it’s what makes civilisation possible

23 April 2015 11:16
A 19th century engraving of St George slaying the dragon (Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty

Is it racist to be patriotic? Is patriotism, by definition, small-minded and exclusive? When you strip away the onion layers of sentiment about history and hymns, Shakespeare and lawn clippings,… Continue reading


Image from Islington: Lib Dems troll Emily Thornberry

23 April 2015 11:01

It’s St George’s Day today, and presumably Labour’s Emily Thornberry is out looking for ‘amazing’ houses draped in English flags. To help her out (in a way), her Lib Dem… Continue reading


Exclusive: UKIP donor already organising South Thanet victory party

22 April 2015 17:15
UKIP Nigel Farage Attends BBC Broadcasting House For A Radio Interview

Nigel Farage has fought off accusations that he’s an invisible candidate in South Thanet, claiming to have held more public meetings than all of the other candidates put together. But… Continue reading


Alex Salmond: I’m writing the Labour party budget!

22 April 2015 15:06

Ed Miliband might not like to talk about an SNP-Labour coalition but the SNP aren’t so shy. In fact, they seem to be revelling in the Tory message of ‘Vote… Continue reading


Was food poverty actually higher under the last Labour government?

22 April 2015 14:22
Emergency Food Banks Stretched As More And More People Struggle To Pay Their Bills

I’m looking forward to tonight’s Spectator debate in which Fraser Nelson, William Cash and I will be taking on Owen Jones, Jack Monroe and Molly Scott Cato MEP over the issue… Continue reading


White people have been banned from an ‘anti-racism’ event at a British university

22 April 2015 13:45
Protests Are Held Over The Government's Scrapping Of The EMA For Poorer Students

Bahar Mustafa, the Welfare and Diversity officer for Goldsmiths Students’ Union, must have a strong sense of irony. You’d have to, to run an ‘anti-racism’ event which states that ‘if you’re… Continue reading


Will jailing Katie Hopkins save the lives of migrants? I have my doubts

22 April 2015 12:37
Hairspray Premiere - Arrivals

More than a thousand migrants have died attempting to get into Europe over the past week, including 900 who perished horribly, trapped in the hold of a Tunisian ship near… Continue reading


Yes, of course an SNP-backed Labour government is perfectly legitimate

22 April 2015 12:35

I am sure, as Isabel says, that Tory warnings about the horrors – the horrors, Mabel – of a Labour-SNP arrangement at the Palace of Westminster are, as they say, cutting… Continue reading


Men dominate professional chess thanks to history not ‘hardwiring’ in their brains

22 April 2015 11:56

British chess Grandmaster Nigel Short has form when it comes to explosive statements. Competing in a tournament in France some years ago as a junior player, he was asked during an… Continue reading


Revealed: Why the Tories have a big London problem

22 April 2015 9:42
Image: Getty

This afternoon something rare will happen in this election campaign. David Cameron will campaign in London. While bus-ing and jetting all around the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, the… Continue reading


Brian May questions Russell Brand’s revolution

21 April 2015 23:04
Russell Brand Delivers The Reading Agency Lecture

Tonight Russell Brand took part in a live Q&A to celebrate the launch of his new documentary The Emperor’s New Clothes. The film looks into the effects of capitalism and it has… Continue reading


Paddy Ashdown: Grant Shapps is ‘fine man’ who’s ‘never done anything dodgy’

21 April 2015 19:52

You have to hand it to the Liberal Democrats: they know how to put out a press release. Following accusations in the Guardian that Grant Shapps or someone ‘under his… Continue reading