A warm welcome to the Anglosphere’s recent recruits (and a fond farewell to the turncoats)

6 March 2015 17:35
Union Jack Trunks

There was an interesting survey by Chatham House a few weeks back; asked which countries they had good feelings about, the British put the following as their top ten favourite.… Continue reading


Exclusive: Electoral Commission gives Al Murray’s party the green light

6 March 2015 16:11

Oh dear, Mr S has some bad news for Nigel Farage. The Ukip leader’s South Thanet rival Al Murray has had his application to make the Freedom United Kingdom Party… Continue reading


Tony Blair spotted fine dining in Burma following his ‘blood money’ Labour donation

6 March 2015 15:22
Tony Blair

This week Tony Blair donated £106,000 to the Labour Party, with £1,000 going to each Labour candidate fighting for a target seat. Ed Miliband has since faced flak for accepting… Continue reading


Ukip should not attack others for attacks

6 March 2015 14:07
UKIP Spring Conference

‘What I’m seeing in this election is the influence of these big American advisers and it’s becoming the most negative, personal and nasty campaign I’ve ever seen.’ So said Nigel… Continue reading


MoMA’s new Björk exhibition cramps the singer’s style

6 March 2015 13:46
Still from Björk's Black Lake at MoMA, New York. Photo: MoMA/ Wellhart/ One Little Indian

Was intimacy the goal of Björk at MoMA? Co-curated by the Icelandic musician herself and Klaus Biesenbach, MoMA chief curator at large, the exhibition allows for a closer look at… Continue reading


Nigel Farage’s birthday message for Lord Ashcroft

6 March 2015 12:00
Lord Ashcroft. Photo: Getty

As Lord Ashcroft turned 69 this week, the international businessman celebrated with a polling event on his birthday to announce the impending Labour bloodbath north of the border: ‘Good evening and… Continue reading


You’d have to be high to believe the drug-driving laws were designed to improve road safety

5 March 2015 17:58

New drug-driving regulations came into force on Monday, establishing legal limits for the levels of sixteen intoxicating substances in the blood. Eight are illegal drugs, and eight are legal, prescription… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Nick Clegg takes a cooking lesson

5 March 2015 16:30

Miriam Clegg said in a recent interview that she had banned her husband Nick Clegg from the kitchen on ‘health and safety grounds’. But happily, the leader of the Liberal Democrats can… Continue reading

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Hans Haacke’s Gift Horse, Fourth Plinth, review: cringe-worthy – but at least it’s not David Shrigley

5 March 2015 15:01
Hans Haacke's Gift Horse - and Boris. Photo: Ray Tang/REX

There is good art, there is mediocre art and there is bad art. In the same ratio – about 3:65:32 – there is good political art, mediocre political art and… Continue reading


Guardian editorship: Male candidate comes last in staff ballot

5 March 2015 14:58
David Miranda questioned

The votes are in for the Guardian staff ballot. After Mr S reported a lacklustre display from all four internal candidates at the hustings, it is Katharine Viner who has come… Continue reading


Has a Tory MP been editing his Wikipedia page from the Houses of Parliament?

5 March 2015 14:12
Wikipedia Stock

Thanks to the internet, it has become increasingly difficult for politicians to hide any past indiscretions. However, this hasn’t put some MPs off from trying. Mr S has noticed some edits… Continue reading


Revealed: Emily Maitlis’s hairdressing dream

5 March 2015 12:46
Jayne Secker and Emily Maitlis attend the Grazia 'News at 10' panel discussion

Mr S was a guest at last night’s Grazia ‘News at 10′ panel discussion, where Christina Lamb, Jayne Secker, Sue Turton, Emily Maitlis and Mishal Husain discussed their experiences as female… Continue reading


Was Netanyahu’s message worth the diplomatic damage it caused?

5 March 2015 11:40
Benjamin Netanyahu discusses Iran (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty)

For weeks before his plane set off for Washington, Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to the US Congress was exhaustingly analysed here in DC. Did Speaker Boehner adequately notify the White House… Continue reading


Never mind Ukip’s immigration policy, Britain has an emigration problem

5 March 2015 10:50
(Photo: Getty)

Ukip has unveiled its new Aussie-style immigration policy, just a week after the latest bad immigration news for the government. The news was bad only in a sense, as high immigration… Continue reading


Night of the long claymores: the SNP are poised for a historic, momentous, victory.

4 March 2015 19:16
Glasgow Prepares For The Independence Vote

The latest Scottish polling conducted by Lord Ashcroft is another reminder, should you still need it, that this year’s election looks like being an unmitigated disaster for Unionism. The noble,… Continue reading


Jeffrey Archer: Bollywood plagiarised my books

4 March 2015 15:56
Image: Getty

Jeffrey Archer is none too impressed with the Bollywood film industry. In an interview with India’s DNA Newspaper, he said that several Bollywood films have ripped off his books without his permission.… Continue reading


Tories detect Alastair Campbell’s hand in latest education attacks on PM

4 March 2015 12:37
Fiona Millar with her partner Alastair Campbell (Photo: Getty)

Angry Conservative Party officials have hit back at attacks from the left on the education of the Prime Minister’s children. On Monday the PM’s spokesman claimed: ‘Like tens of thousands of… Continue reading


Rufus Sewell’s performance in Closer embarrasses audience members

4 March 2015 12:02

Rufus Sewell’s turn in Josie Rourke’s production of Patrick Marber’s Closer at the Donmar Warehouse has won rave reviews. Still, the A Knight’s Tale actor confides to Mr S that not… Continue reading

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Express redundancies: Richard Desmond’s nemesis is called in to rally the troops

4 March 2015 9:30
Richard Desmond of the Northern & Shell company at the headquarters of Express Newspapers in central London

With Richard Desmond’s Express Newspapers currently considering another round of redundancies in order to hit a £14m cost savings target, his remaining staff are making sure they are prepared for the worst. Mr S… Continue reading


Norman Baker’s special interest in endangered species

3 March 2015 18:43

Tonight Norman Baker leads the Commons adjournment debate on international endangered species. Speaking ahead of the event, the Liberal Democrat MP explained to Politics Home why the subject is so close to his… Continue reading


Francis backs Pell’s reforms: centuries of expense-fiddling at the Vatican are brought to an end

3 March 2015 14:06
Illustration by Christian Adams, courtesy of The Catholic Herald

Phew! I was worried that the smear campaign against Cardinal George Pell mounted by the pigs at the Vatican trough would persuade Pope Francis to water down Pell’s plan to… Continue reading


Argentina’s ambassador to the UK trolls the Tory backbenchers

3 March 2015 12:36
Alicia Castro, Argentine ambassador to the UK (Photo: Juan Mabromata/Getty)

Nothing like a bit of Argie-bargie to get the Tory backbenchers going. Mr S has been passed a letter and booklet sent by the Argentine Embassy in London to all… Continue reading


Vladimir Putin’s Russia is no longer just an authoritarian state; it is a dictatorship

2 March 2015 17:26
(Photo: Getty)

The murder of Boris Nemtsov, even more than previous assassinations of journalists and other figures deemed unhelpful to Vladimir Putin’s regime, feels like a moment of grim significance. It represents… Continue reading


If Isis doesn’t like Twitter, it should invest in its own tech companies

2 March 2015 17:17

Isis has a new bête noir: Twitter. Employees at the social media company have received death threats, as has Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter. Why? Because the site has been blocking accounts… Continue reading


Ukip MEP in Nazi Twitter spat over Joseph Goebbels

2 March 2015 14:59
Voters Go To Polls In Newark By-Election

The Ukip spring conference was somewhat overshadowed by a publicity stunt from a local theatre group in Margate, which saw dancers dressed as Nazis high-kick their way through Springtime for… Continue reading