Most doctors seem to time-travel to the 1800s when it comes to nutrition

27 February 2015 18:02

For over 30 years, dietary fat has been seen as a major cause of heart attacks, strokes and cancer. This has been a health catastrophe. Ancel Keys’s ‘Seven Countries’ study,… Continue reading


Does Evgeny Lebedev fancy being Mayor of London?

27 February 2015 17:11
Prince Charles meets Evgeny Lebedev during a visit to the Standard and Independent offices earlier this week (Photo: Jeremy Selwyn/Getty)

While the Tories scrabble around for a candidate for the 2016 London Mayoral election, Mr S hears one millionaire is already eyeballing the 2020 race. Barely an edition of the Evening Standard… Continue reading


Why has TfL vandalised the Eduardo Paolozzi murals at Tottenham Court Road?

27 February 2015 17:03
A glimpse at the new murals at Tottenham Court Road tube station

Last weekend I used the Northern Line at Tottenham Court Road station for the first time since it reopened. Oxford Street is not my favourite place in London but perversely for… Continue reading

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For modern-day Assyrians their present is under attack from Isis, as is their past

27 February 2015 14:40
Isis fighters destroy ancient artefacts at Mosul museum

The historian Tom Holland tweeted this morning: ‘What ‪#ISIS are doing to the people & culture of ‪#Assyria is worthy of the Nazis. None of us can say we didn’t… Continue reading


MI5 didn’t make Jihadi John; he made himself

27 February 2015 13:45

Poor Mohammed Emwazi. One day he’s your average ‘beautiful’ young man, nose buried in his computer studies books, looking for a job and looking for love. The next he’s being… Continue reading


Why the apologists for the Islamist far right must make Jihadi John a victim

27 February 2015 13:07

Islamic State allows its adherents to be both cultists and psychopaths: an L. Ron Hubbard and a Fred West rolled into one. The reasons why young men want to travel… Continue reading


Cage deserves all the scrutiny the relevant authorities can muster

27 February 2015 12:41
Cerie Bullivant, acting as a spokesperson of campaign group Cage (Photo: Justin Tallis/Getty)

So the identity of ‘Jihadi John’ appears to have come out.  And surprise surprise he is a man associated with the group Cage (formerly Cage Prisoners).  The leaders of this… Continue reading


Senior Farage aide misses flight back to Britain

27 February 2015 12:37

Nigel Farage’s gallivanting around in America has resulted in a casualty. Mr Steerpike hears that Raheem Kassam, senior adviser to Farage, missed the flight back home last night. Farage’s right-hand man… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Pimp my Ukip conference

27 February 2015 11:35

As the devoted Ukip followers arrive at this weekend’s party spring conference in Margate, they can now show their support in a variety of ways. Rather than a basic rosette,… Continue reading


Nobody will dare satirise the multiculturalism that allows Islamism to flourish

27 February 2015 10:54
Asim Qureshi of campaign group Cage (Photo: Justin Tallis/Getty)

So, ‘Jihadi John’ is Mohammed Emwazi, a young Kuwaiti immigrant from Queen’s Park in north-west London, another first-rate product of the British education system. Queen’s Park is one of those very mixed… Continue reading


Harry Potter star Rupert Grint makes a million

27 February 2015 9:30

Since finishing filming Harry Potter, Rupert Grint has struggled to match the success of his former co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson in the acting world. The actor received mixed reviews for his recent turn… Continue reading


Alastair Campbell threatens a political comeback

27 February 2015 8:00

It’s probably not the news everyone wanted to hear, but Mr S feels a duty to let readers know that Alastair Campbell is considering a return to politics. Furthermore, this… Continue reading


George Osborne’s ex-dominatrix friend plans a sequel

26 February 2015 17:14
Image: Getty

Oh dear. The Chancellor of the Exchequer is not going to be pleased. Natalie Rowe, the former dominatrix who enjoyed a friendship with George Osborne in the early nineties, is… Continue reading


Madonna fell off the stage at the Brit Awards and we laughed because we’re sadistic

26 February 2015 15:19

Go on, admit it, you laughed, didn’t you? When Madonna was yanked off the stage by a dancer pulling her cloak during her finale performance at the Brit Awards, you… Continue reading


The footprint of Britain’s immigrants – and emigrants – is important

26 February 2015 14:46
(Photo: Shaun Curry/Getty)

Half a million people. That’s quite a lot, isn’t it? I mean, half a million here, half a million there, why, soon you’re talking a million, which is even more… Continue reading


The crude legal term ‘cannabis’ is unhelpful. Skunk causes psychosis, regular weed doesn’t

26 February 2015 13:49

Next Tuesday Channel 4 will air their pseudo-scientific ‘Jon Snow stoned’ show The Cannabis Trials (or Drugs and How Not To Enjoy Them). Presumably intended to reignite national conversation about… Continue reading


Single snowdrop sells for £1,390: welcome to galanthomania

26 February 2015 13:41
Galanthus plicatus 'Golden Fleece'

Have you heard of galanthomania? It’s an affliction that can rob people of their money – and, it seems, their senses. They’re so desperate to get hold of some small… Continue reading


Guardian hustings bode well for external candidates

26 February 2015 11:18
Janine Gibson, editor of the Guardian website, hosts an event with her departing editor Alan Rusbridger

Yesterday the four internal candidates vying to succeed Alan Rusbridger as the Guardian editor-in-chief took part in hustings for the role ahead of a staff ballot, which will see one… Continue reading


Anna Soubry’s choice of words raises eyebrows

25 February 2015 17:06
Anna Soubry arriving in Downing Street on reshuffle day. Picture: PA

After Inside the Commons drew to a close last night, a new row involving the House of Commons documentary developed. Reports have emerged claiming that in unused footage an MP was… Continue reading


Is London Calling for Dan Snow? The Clash of the classes kicks off in Kensington

25 February 2015 16:00
Dan Snow has been tipped for the seat in Kensington (Photo: Getty)

Following news that the Tories are apparently hoping telegenic posho historian Dan Snow will stand in Kensington, class war looks to be coming to the streets of the Royal Borough. Ian Bone, the publisher of revolutionary… Continue reading


Boris boards plane with mysterious blonde

25 February 2015 12:37
Boris was on best behaviour during a trade tour to America (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty)

Boris Johnson was on best behaviour during a recent trade trip to the USA. But the minute his top aides left his side, out came the Mayor’s famous charm. While waiting for a flight back to… Continue reading


When did it become OK for the police to electrocute children?

25 February 2015 11:23
(FILES) A file picture taken on December

Hard as it may be to imagine, dear reader, once upon a time the police managed to fulfil their obligations to society without resorting to electrocuting children. The sky did not… Continue reading


As a doctor, I’d rather have HIV than diabetes

25 February 2015 10:43
World AIDS Day Preparations

‘There is now a deadly virus, which anyone can catch from sex with an infected person. If we’re not careful, the people who’ve died so far, will be just the… Continue reading


Paul Foot Award 2014: Private Eye wades in on HSBC scandal

25 February 2015 10:34
British journalist and editor of Private

Mr S was a guest at last night’s Paul Foot Award, the investigative journalism prize co-hosted by the Guardian and Private Eye. While Alan Rusbridger was unable to attend the Piccadilly… Continue reading


House of Cards creator reveals rift with BBC over ‘insensitive’ Margaret Thatcher plot

25 February 2015 8:30
Netflix's "House Of Cards" Washington DC Screening

The third series of the American adaptation of House of Cards, which stars Kevin Spacey, will see the programme go in a different direction to the political trilogy on which… Continue reading