Greeks v Franks – why culture still matters

30 June 2015 15:13
Charlemagne, king of the Franks (Photo: Getty)

During the period of the crusades Greeks would refer to western Europeans by the generic term ‘Frank’, derived from the name of the leading barbarian tribe of the west. The… Continue reading


Dennis Skinner: ‘Gordon Brown and I were the Northern Powerhouse’

30 June 2015 14:00

After Dennis Skinner successfully won the SNP turf war over his favoured seat in the Commons, the Labour backbencher has been relatively quiet of late. So Mr S was pleased to… Continue reading


Simon Danczuk lashes out at Karen Danczuk following split

30 June 2015 10:46

Over the weekend, Simon Danczuk confirmed his break up from his wife Karen Danczuk, with both the Labour MP and the ‘Selfie Queen’ describing themselves as devastated at the decision.… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Jeremy Corbyn goes corporate

29 June 2015 18:27

Never let it be said that Jeremy Corbyn is the most anti-business of the four Labour leadership candidates. The left-wing politician appeared to endorse BT today on Twitter: So, is… Continue reading


Spectator competition: Is that ‘Well Spanked’ or ‘Disappointing Sandwich’?

29 June 2015 17:45
Image: Getty

A spoof Farrow & Ball paint-colour chart doing the rounds on social media was the inspiration for the latest challenge. Competitors were invited to see if they could outdo the… Continue reading


Green MEP defends ‘loony’ rabbit hutch policy

29 June 2015 17:14
(Photo: Matt Cardy/Getty)

When the Green Party revealed their manifesto ahead of the general election, they were the subject of much ridicule as they promised to abolish the monarchy and get rid of the… Continue reading


Labour’s leadership contest turns sour (again)

29 June 2015 15:07
Liz Kendall (Photo: Justin Tallis/Getty)

It seems ‘Taliban New Labour‘ have returned, or at least that’s what some party members would have you believe. Labour MP John Woodcock — who is backing Liz Kendall —… Continue reading


David Cameron takes centre stage at Glastonbury

29 June 2015 13:05
A poster at Glastonbury

David Cameron’s former director of strategy Steve Hilton recently wrote in The Spectator that Glastonbury is not merely a ‘left-wing utopia’, arguing that it operates in accordance with conservative principles. Mr… Continue reading


Connie St Louis, the woman who brought down Sir Tim Hunt, faces questions over her CV. Where’s the media coverage?

28 June 2015 17:53
Connie St Louis

Connie St Louis, director of City University’s Science Journalism MA, is the woman who brought Sir Tim Hunt’s career crashing down in flames by tweeting out allegedly sexist remarks that… Continue reading


‘Religion of peace’ is not a harmless platitude

27 June 2015 8:51
An image of the Tunisian gunman

The West’s movement towards the truth is remarkably slow. We drag ourselves towards it painfully, inch by inch, after each bloody Islamist assault. In France, Britain, Germany, America and nearly… Continue reading


Can’t the BMA just admit it doesn’t want pregnant women to have fun?

26 June 2015 17:32

Earlier this month, a review published by the Cochrane Library criticised the idea of ‘eating for two’ while pregnant, suggesting that doing so would affect foetal development and increase the likelihood… Continue reading


Ed Miliband is subject of ridicule in new song

26 June 2015 13:04
General Election 2015 campaign - May 2nd

After anti-austerity protesters turned on Russell Brand for endorsing Labour at a protest on Saturday, it was only a matter of time til Ed Miliband faced a similar backlash over… Continue reading


Ed Miliband meets his number one Milifan

25 June 2015 15:08

These are dark days for the Labour party, following their brutal election defeat and the recent turmoil within the party. For Miliband in particular, the pain of the past few months must be particularly… Continue reading


Some gay people are right-wing. Get over it!

25 June 2015 13:33
A members of the Gay and Lesbian communi

Is being gay ‘left-wing’?  You wouldn’t have thought so.  If being gay is something which some people just are then there is no obvious reason why gays should not be… Continue reading


Nick Clegg: I couldn’t get hold of Charles Kennedy before his death

25 June 2015 9:58

Nick Clegg appeared on LBC this morning to take part in his first interview since his party’s defeat at the polls. With the host Nick Ferrari taking questions from listeners,… Continue reading


In the footsteps of Marco Polo: the journey that changed William Dalrymple’s life

24 June 2015 17:23
Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 17.10.26

This is the introduction to the 25th anniversary edition of William Dalrymple’s first book, In Xanadu: A Quest At the end of the windy, rainy April of 1986, towards the end of my… Continue reading


Mrs Clooney causes a stir in Westminster

24 June 2015 12:06
(Photo: Pierre Teyssot/AFP/Getty)

Amal Clooney has been giving Westminster an unusual touch of glamour this week, with the world’s most famous female barrister putting them away in the Red Lion pub on Monday… Continue reading


Boris Johnson has his ‘Joe Biden moment’ at LBC debate

24 June 2015 11:15

Last night Boris Johnson took part in his final State of London debate with LBC host Nick Ferrari, before he finishes in his role as Mayor of London and focuses on… Continue reading


Michael Gove defends his grammar rules

23 June 2015 18:12
Michael Gove Is Sworn In As Lord Chancellor

Lord Chancellor Michael Gove was criticised over the weekend for issuing a set of grammar rules for civil servants. The list, which appeared on the Ministry of Justice intranet, warned staff to… Continue reading


The world belongs to Taylor Swift now. There will be no free-trial period

23 June 2015 17:46
Shake it out and rake it in (Photo: Getty)

All hail Taylor Swift. How she must give baby boomers the fear. Not just baby boomers. Also those who came next, the Generation Xers, who seemed to define themselves culturally… Continue reading


A British policeman shouldn’t take orders from a radical Islamist preacher

23 June 2015 16:58

Each year Anjem Choudary earns more in benefits than a soldier does starting off in our armed forces. This is a fact I never tire of pointing out – especially… Continue reading


Rachel Johnson lifts the lid on Newsnight

23 June 2015 14:28
Bell Pottinger Summer Party

Rachel Johnson has never been shy of using her Notting Hill neighbours as a source of ‘inspiration’ for her series of chick-lit Notting Hell books. Her latest book Fresh Hell is no exception.… Continue reading


The new head of the Berlin Philharmonic was no-one’s first choice

23 June 2015 12:56
The new chief conductor of the Berlin Phil, Kirill Petrenko. Photo: Getty

Let’s face facts. Kirill Petrenko was no-one’s first choice as music director of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. His name came into the reckoning only after 124 orchestra members split fatally… Continue reading


Students worrying about ‘value for money’ miss the point of an arts degree

23 June 2015 12:05
The point of an arts degree is the time it gives you to pursue other hobbies (Photo: Getty)

University towns are already awash with fur-trimmed gowns and proud parents, but behind the smiles there’s a glimmer of resentment: four in 10 of those graduating this year think they’ve… Continue reading


Nigel Farage slips into the background at charity cricket match

22 June 2015 18:42

With taxpayers currently facing the prospect of a £3 billion bill in order to stop Parliament turning into a ‘ruin’, perhaps it’s time the Speaker took a note out of Baroness Benjamin’s… Continue reading