Labour stays silent over gender segregation at party rally

3 May 2015 20:53

With polling day less than a week away, it was a case of no rest for the wicked this weekend as politicians took part in some last minute campaigning. While… Continue reading


Labour’s latest video might be enough to make me change my vote

3 May 2015 19:53
SHOWBIZ Coogan Partridge 1

I thought Ed Miliband did rather well in that last debate. Insofar as it matters. In both of the last two debates he’s come across significantly better than much of… Continue reading


Has the Guardian just called it for Cameron?

3 May 2015 16:34
Cameron's mood must be improving (Image: Getty)

The Guardian/Observer website is running with this story headed ‘Britain set to face weeks of political paralysis after election poll’. That’s a safe prediction. But what’s intriguing is that the… Continue reading


Thick of It writer ridicules Ed Miliband’s 8ft ‘policy cenotaph’

3 May 2015 11:16
Ed Miliband Unveils Labour's NHS Rescue Plan

Ed Miliband has woken up to ridicule this morning after the Guardian unveiled his latest election accessory. No longer content with his trusty lectern, the Labour leader has bizarrely commissioned… Continue reading


Former Communist spy: KGB created Catholic liberation theology

2 May 2015 14:04
Ion Mihai Pacepa (Image: Catholic News Agency)

The respected Catholic News Agency has published an interview with Ion Mihai Pacepa, a former general in Romania’s secret police who was one of the Eastern Bloc’s highest-ranking defectors in the 1970s. In… Continue reading


Politicians deliver careful messages of congratulations for the royal baby

2 May 2015 12:41
Prince George Of Cambridge First Birthday

This morning the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby girl. The girl, who is the Queen’s fifth great-grandchild, is the fourth in line to the throne. As members of the… Continue reading


We are lucky that the royal baby won’t distort the democratic system

2 May 2015 11:32
Private Lindo Wing At St. Mary's Hospital

The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby girl. It is hardly a very exciting event. Babies are born all the time, and there are already quite enough descendants… Continue reading


Rupert Murdoch jets into London to see off Miliband

2 May 2015 10:00

Ed Milband used his interview with Russell Brand as a chance to bash his arch-enemy Rupert Murdoch. The Labour leader claimed that the media mogul is ‘much less powerful than he… Continue reading


Spectator competition: Nando’s with Chaucer (plus: what became of Belloc’s Lord Lundy?)

2 May 2015 9:30
Geoffrey Chaucer. Image: Getty

The title of a poem by Anthony Brode, ‘Breakfast with Gerard Manley Hopkins’, prompted me to invite verse submissions describing a meal with a well-known poet. Sylvia Fairley tucked, somewhat… Continue reading


Noel Gallagher: Ed Miliband is a f–king communist

1 May 2015 16:29
Tony Blair and Noel Gallagher are old friends (Photo: PA)

Tony Blair once counted Noel Gallagher as one of New Labour’s key celebrity backers. However, under Ed Miliband’s leadership, Labour can rely on no such support from the musician. In… Continue reading


Who are the precocious producers of Milibae: The Movie?

1 May 2015 15:43

Oh dear. Ed Miliband did not have a good run on Question Time last night. After he was grilled by the audience over Labour’s history with debt, even the most die-hard… Continue reading


Russell Brand says vote (but not for Ed Miliband)

1 May 2015 14:22

At a recent screening of his new capitalism documentary the Emperor’s New Clothes, Russell Brand, the revolutionary who refuses to vote, said he was too angry to say nice things about… Continue reading


Michael Gove claims Tories will win more seats in Scotland than Labour

1 May 2015 13:04

Michael Gove was out and about with fifty odd Tory activists dressed as Nicola Sturgeon in Westminster today, when he made an extraordinarily bold prediction about next week’s election results.… Continue reading


David Cameron: election is a ‘career-defining’ moment

1 May 2015 12:49
British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, gives a speech during a UK general election campaign visit at the Institute of Chartered Accountants in London on April 27, 2015.

Given that David Cameron will not see out another election campaign if he sticks to his bizarre pledge not to run for a third term, Cameron is nearing the end… Continue reading


Why you should listen to the great pianist who gave in to the Nazis

1 May 2015 11:12
Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 10.02.08

Alfred Cortot (1877-1962) was in my opinion the greatest pianist in recorded history. If I had to give one reason – and there are many – it would be the… Continue reading


The cultural significance of Ed Miliband’s mockney accent

30 April 2015 16:47

I’m mildly posh – nowhere near David Cameron posh, for example, let alone the Olympian heights of Brian Sewell, but I’m unlikely to ever play a football hooligan or an… Continue reading


Camilla Long’s Have I Got News For You appearance causes problems for Ukip

30 April 2015 15:41
Camilla Long made a joke about Nigel Farage during an episode of the BBC's Have I Got News For You

After Camilla Long claimed on last Friday’s Have I Got News for You that she had spent more time in South Thanet than Nigel Farage, the Ukip leader failed to… Continue reading


Young people want a future, not freebies

30 April 2015 15:28
Young votes run free (Photo: Ian Tyas/Getty)

Ed Miliband wants the youth vote enough to have spent an evening with Russell Brand earlier this week. My generation could decide the election next Thursday, and politicians seem to… Continue reading


Question Time: Will Ed Miliband take his lectern with him?

30 April 2015 12:56
(Photo: Adrian Dennis/Getty)

With Ed Miliband’s expensive election guru David Axelrod rarely spied at the Labour leader’s side, Miliband has found a new pillar of strength to get him through the campaign. Rarely a day goes… Continue reading


Nigel Lawson criticises the Tories’ election campaign

29 April 2015 19:25
Lawson comments on EU

Given that Nigel Lawson served as chancellor of the exchequer in Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet, Mr S suspects that the Conservatives will have hoped that they could rely on Lawson for a vote of… Continue reading


Alastair Campbell finds old habits die hard

29 April 2015 18:15
Hay Festival

Post Blair’s government, Alastair Campbell has billed himself as a pious, ethical commentator on the state of the media and politics. If there’s one thing he can’t stand, it’s the negative… Continue reading


Charlie Hebdo: The literary indulgence of murder

29 April 2015 15:59

I suppose it is asking too much of a writer called Francine Prose that she write prose anyone would want to read. But on the principle you can only track… Continue reading


Cheap alcohol leads to violent crime, say ‘experts’. Where’s the evidence?

29 April 2015 14:10

Stanley Cohen, the legendary criminologist and author of Folk Devils and Moral Panics, once commented on ‘the unique dilemma of the moral entrepreneur who has to defend the success of… Continue reading


Labour’s demise in Scotland is a problem for the Tories too. They just don’t know it yet

29 April 2015 13:21
Europe's Oldest Surviving Iron Chain Suspension Bridge Connecting Scotland And England To Be Closed

Heaven preserve us from our friends for, though they mean well, they know not the damage they do. I have great respect for Danny Finkelstein. The Pride of Pinner is… Continue reading


Yvette Cooper: Ed Balls Day has become too commercial

29 April 2015 13:12

After Tristram Hunt subjected himself to an array of questions from Mumsnet users on Monday, today was Yvette Cooper’s turn in the hot seat. Although the Labour MP had managed to organise the… Continue reading