David Moyes’ failure – in his own words

23 April 2014 17:19
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As children, we learn very quickly that a blame shared is a blame halved – but in the long-term, the ruse works only with the co-operation of the co-opted. This… Continue reading


Britain is sexier than France, says Jean Paul Gaultier

23 April 2014 17:03
Jean Paul Gaultier tells Mr Steerpike that he comes to Britain because it's iconoclastic and sexy.

If the French are flocking to Britain, it’s not just down to a 75 per cent tax hike on the super-rich. Multi-millionaire designer, Jean Paul Gaultier comes to the UK… Continue reading


I’ve finally found a point for St George’s Day

23 April 2014 16:52

We (the English that is) share our patron saint’s day with the Catalans. On Sant Jordi’s day Barcelona fills up with bookstalls and flower sellers. The men give their women flowers… Continue reading


Does Country Life know their derrière from their elbow?

23 April 2014 16:46
Marlon Brando and Katy Jurado photographed in the 1950s, at the height of the former's 'elbow time' career.

Fun times for our country cousins over at Country Life: they have compiled a list, drawn up with the help of Jeremy Paxman and Jilly Cooper, of dos-and-don’ts to guide… Continue reading

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The poet who welcomed war

23 April 2014 14:52
Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 14.29.32

Today, 23 April, the world celebrates the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s presumed birth (and marks with less joy the date of the Bard’s death in 1616). That double date… Continue reading


As the Yes side rises in the polls, Scotland prepares for a Neverendum

23 April 2014 13:37

I suspect I might be one of the Scottish journalists Iain Martin considers keen to make a melodrama from the independence referendum. Ten weeks ago I warned in this magazine that… Continue reading


Tony Blair spoke the truth about Islamism. But not the whole truth

23 April 2014 13:35
Tony Blair's Keynote Speech On The Middle East and North Africa

As so often (in my opinion) Tony Blair is almost right. In a wide-ranging speech at Bloomberg this morning he roamed over Syria, Libya, the Middle East and the West’s withdrawal… Continue reading


Why all the fuss about hunting? After all, it’s not a vote-loser

23 April 2014 10:23
Riders Meet For The Traditional Boxing Day Hunt

The last couple of months have seen a huge amount of to-and-froing over the hunting ban from David Cameron. After the Federation of Welsh Farmers Packs published research into the… Continue reading


Zara Phillips and The Queen are a well-needed breath of fresh air

22 April 2014 18:32
Zara Phillips competing in Buckinghamshire this weekend, 12 weeks after giving birth. Image: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

‘Look at how fantastic Kate looks on her tour of Australia and New Zealand’, everyone exclaims. ‘And she only gave birth 9 months ago!’ Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge certainly… Continue reading


Don’t mock pro wrestling. Today’s TV is made in its image

22 April 2014 17:11

Earlier this month, when a 54-year-old man with the birth name James Brian Hellwig died of a suspected heart attack outside a hotel in Arizona, a million boyhood fantasies also… Continue reading


Dave’s brush with the bed bugs

22 April 2014 15:27
(Photo: Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty)

First it was a jellyfish that blighted the Prime Minister’s Easter break in Lanzarote. Now, according to Trip Advisor, fellow guests at the discreet Casa Tomaren might have had more than… Continue reading


‘I’m voting Ukip… because I work for them’

22 April 2014 15:04
Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 14.59.52

Ukip is the Common Sense party that listens to ordinary people. So says Lizzy Vaid, who appears on the party’s European elections manifesto as someone thrilled that Nigel Farage’s party… Continue reading


The Ukip posters will offend more Londoners than eastern Europeans

22 April 2014 14:54
One of the Ukip posters, attacking EU migration.

Globalisation is like a rising tide; we’re all living in our separate ponds with their own little social ecosystems until the floodwater starts to rise and turns them into one… Continue reading


A Tragedy at the Theatre of Dreams, starring David Moyes

22 April 2014 11:33
FC Bayern Muenchen v Manchester United - UEFA Champions League Round Quarter Final

And so the axe fell and the crowd cheered for they loved nothing more than a good beheading. They had been waiting for this execution for some time and would… Continue reading


David Moyes can blame Alex Ferguson for his failure

22 April 2014 10:50
Getty Images

Poor David Moyes, sacked before the season ends. Living up to the standards set by Sir Alex Ferguson was always an impossible task, especially since Fergie left Manchester United in… Continue reading


Don’t blame good results on grade inflation. Blame the teaching

22 April 2014 7:58
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Addresses MIT Graduates

I was delighted to read that my university is apparently over-generous when it comes to awarding top degree classes. Oxford is among 21 universities accused of grade inflation after a Higher… Continue reading


Mr Gove, after-school clubs need to learn from family life

20 April 2014 11:23
The intimate family supper is key to any child's intellectual and emotional development. (Photo by Keystone View/FPG/Getty Images)

In news to warm Michael Gove’s heart, a new survey carried out by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers has found that children as young a four are now routinely… Continue reading


Poetry in motion — and bridges and graves

19 April 2014 15:00
Byron's Muse.

The most recent challenge, to incorporate a list of poets’ surnames — motion, bridges, wilde, gray, cope, hood, burns and browning — into a poem or piece of prose, presented… Continue reading


Evangelically wishy-washy

18 April 2014 17:31
David Cameron has faith, of the vague variety. (Tim Ireland/PA Wire)

David Cameron has said Christians should be more evangelical “about a faith that compels us to get out there and make a difference to people’s lives”. In an article for… Continue reading


Will David Cameron stand up for persecuted Christians?

18 April 2014 10:00
David Cameron should do more to stop the persecution of Christians. (Photo credit should read THOMAS COEX/AFP/Getty Images)

Last week, David Cameron surprised a number of people when, during a pre-Easter gathering at Downing Street, he spoke about religion. Not religion in general, the all-faiths-and-none diversity-speak of the… Continue reading


Britpop 20 years on: the Tory voters who love Oasis

17 April 2014 15:57
Blur and Oasis at the height of their fame.

It’s twenty years since the height of Britpop, but does anyone still care about it? YouGov has carried out some polling on the subject today. Although 35 per cent stated… Continue reading


Is moral change speeding up?

17 April 2014 14:41

After David Cameron’s whole God thing last week, there was a discussion on the radio this morning about whether religion is necessary for morality. Clearly there’s nothing to stop atheists… Continue reading


Paxo turns fire on the Beeb

16 April 2014 18:02
Jeremy Paxman

Is Mr Steerpike alone in thinking that Jeremy Paxman can’t be bothered anymore? First there was his wet rag interview with the ‘Chrystal Methodist’ Paul Flowers, the former Co-op chairman.… Continue reading


Sexism is ‘in your face’ in Britain because it’s up for discussion

16 April 2014 16:17

Sexism is more ‘in your face’ in Britain than in other countries, a United Nations investigator has claimed. I can see why the UN’s Rashida Manjoo might think this –… Continue reading


Over Ukraine, we have lost our moral compass

16 April 2014 10:36
It's time to recalibrate (Photo: Fred Morley/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

A week’s holiday in the perfect seaside town of Staithes was intended to be recuperative and restful, a time to clear the mind, even if the kids were with me.… Continue reading